MAX Computer Aided Dispatch (MAX CAD) helps public safety answering points (PSAPs), emergency services dispatchers and first responders provide real-time incident management for improving overall situational awareness. Scalable to support consolidation, multi-jurisdiction, and multi-agency deployments. MAX CAD integrates into the NG-911 environment and can accommodate future consolidation through its scalable architecture. As the number of communities and agencies served by the PSAP increase, MAX CAD provides support for multi-jurisdiction and multi-agency workflows.

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MAX Fire Station Alerting

Zetron’s MAX Fire Station Alerting is a purpose-built communications and operational automation solution that is deployed standalone, connected to existing CAD and dispatch systems, or delivered as a component of a fully integrated MAX Systems mission critical communications platform with MAX Dispatch, MAX CAD, and MAX Call Taking.

MAX Fire Station Alerting shares the same highly configurable user interface and architecture as other MAX Systems, widely used by public safety professionals. Finally, a fire station alerting solution designed to easily and effectively scale from a simple and affordable single station solution, up to larger departments with complex multi-station, cross-agency dispatch, and response requirements.

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