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K9 Solutions

Below are some of the most popular K-9 solutions from the manufacturers we represent. Please contact us for more information on all your options to fit your specific needs.


K9 Units


  • Various dog cages
  • Each cage is custom built to the dimensions of your vehicle
  • Cages are versatile, spacious


K-9 Window Barriers
Quality, Performance and Value

When choosing Setina K-9 Window Barriers, you can trust that you are getting the highest quality, performance and value available. When designing the right window barriers for K-9 units, a Precision Fit and your K-9 partner’s comfort were our highest priorities. Good thing too, because we’re proud of our expertly designed line of K-9 window barriers. We have styles for sedans, mid-size SUVs, full-size SUVs, and trucks, with and without fans, as well as fans of various sizes.

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