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Back-up Alarms

Below are some of the most popular back-up alarm products and solutions from the manufacturers we represent. Please contact us for more information on all your options to fit your specific needs.


Make Every Move Safer

Code 3’s reversing safety solutions allow your response team to navigate quickly and safely, providing critical warning and visibility when every second counts. Code 3 alarms self-adjust according to ambient noise so they’re effective yet not annoying.


Evacuator® Back-up Alarms

Federal Signal’s Evacuator Plus (dual tone) back-up alarms are engineered to provide dependable performance and exceptional warning power across a diverse range of vehicle and material handling equipment requirements. Built to withstand the most punishing applications, these alarms feature piezoelectric circuitry and solid-state components that reduce Amp draw (as low as 0.02 A @ 12 VDC), and minimize the adverse effects of shock and vibration.

  • "Plus" models offer dual-tone function (pulse or constant)
  • A wide range of decibel levels and operating voltages are offered for enhanced application flexibility
  • Universal mounting bracket included

Back-Up Alarms

These rugged alarms have passed a one million cycle test and meet O.S.H.A., Bureau of Mines and State Regulations. 12-month warranty. Electronics, sealed in urethane, resist tough environmental conditions.

  • Field-proven reliability accounts for the popularity and demand for Whelen Electronic Back-up Alarms.
  • These rugged alarms have all passed a one million cycle test and meet O.S.H.A., Bureau of Mines, and State regulations.
  • Decibel ratings for all alarms are +/-4dB (A) @ 4' as specified in SAE J994 (March, 1985)

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