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Vehicle Mounting

Below are some of the most popular vehicle mounting products and solutions from the manufacturers we represent. Please contact us for more information on all your options to fit your specific needs.

Consoles and Accessories


EMERGENCY PRODUCTS Consoles Interceptor Sedan

  • Designed to fit 2013-2018 Ford Interceptor Sedan
  • Console with sliding armrest
  • Optional swing arm (LT7600) mounted on top

Console Systems

Console systems are designed for police and other fleets that need to mount multiple radios and equipment within easy reach of the driver. The console system is made of two parts: a leg kit or top plate, which secures the system to your vehicle’s frame, and a vehicle-specific or universal console box to house your electronics. Add a computer mount, armrest, cup holder, microphone clip, or other accessory for a custom setup.

Door Panels


Chevrolet Tahoe 2015+ Window Bars

Provide an extra layer of security in your vehicle while also achieving maximum driver visibility with our steel window guards. Featuring LED mounting locations on the lower and front corners, installation is easy and frustration free.

  • 1/2-inch steel bars
  • Fully welded construction
  • Black powdercoat finish for long-term durability and maximum corrosion resistance

We Specialize in the Science of Perfection

Unmatched Fit, Finish and Design
Our team continues to take the lead in design evolution with our advanced Door Panel Systems. Setina is devoted to constant research and technological advances to engineer our cutting-edge designs specifically for law enforcement.

The best-of-industry design matched with the latest advancement in material technology provides the perfect combination.
Setina is your total solution for vehicle door protection. Heavy-duty and easily installed, the wide selection of expertly designed door guards ensures Setina will have the perfect fit for your fleet. Choose either TPO plastic or aluminum and steel door panels to learn more about each offering. From sedans, mid- and full-size SUVS, trucks, and vans, Setina has the door guard to fit your vehicle.

Fender Guards


Fender Guards

Together with Our Bumpers.
The Perfect Match.

We all know the importance of teamwork that you can always depend on. Setina Push Bumpers and Fender Guards work perfectly together, no matter if you are pushing disabled vehicles off roadways, performing the “PIT” maneuver, or if you want added protection from costly damage to your fenders, grille and headlights.

Proven Designs for Law Enforcement

Setina’s high-strength, impact resistant Fender Protectors and Headlight Guards are the #1 choice of law enforcement. Have confidence in knowing your vehicle has the best front-end protection available.

Our Fender and Headlight Guards are constructed of heavy-duty, light-weight aircraft-grade aluminum and steel. Our advanced, field-tested designs continue to provide proven value and performance.

Mobile Workstation Boxes


Mobile Workstation Boxes

Featuring heavy-gauge steel construction for long-term durability, Gamber-Johnson’s workstation boxes are ideal for military, government, and utility use. Most boxes contain large locking storage areas for supplies and devices as well as a platform or pole from which you can mount a computer.

Pedestal Systems


Pedestal systems mount your computer on a pole anchored to your floor or passenger seat. The systems include a vehicle-specific or universal leg kit, a 5” to 13” lower tube, and a height-adjustable upper pole from which you can mount your computer. Pedestal systems save space in a vehicle and work great in vans and trucks with a small console area.

Radio Racks


Gamber-Johnson Radio Racks

Since 1979, Gamber-Johnson has been producing the best radio mounts and brackets for professional, utility, and government use. The durable radio mounts are a reliable, long-lasting addition to any in-vehicle operation – they’re built to hold up in even the harshest environments.

Weapon Mounts and Storage


EMERGENCY PRODUCTS Weapon Mounts Storage Weapon Mounts

Trunk Gun Mount for 2011-2014 Dodge Charger.


Dual Weapon Gun Mount

Designed to secure your weapons safely and securely, this easy-to-use gun mount adjusts at the lock head and butt plate to accommodate a variety of different weapon sizes and models. This mount also features a sliding mounting bracket to give you adaptability for both vertical and horizontal installation in your vehicle.

The locking mechanism in the rack includes a switch that can be wired to open the lock with the press of a button. This bypasses the keyed lock and allows weapons to be unlocked quickly, saving officers valuable time in an emergency.


Simple Solutions for Complex Firearms

Maximum Adjustability and Flexibility

Setina’s "T-Rail" Firearms Mounting Systems provide quick, easy access to your firearms or less-than-lethal guns. Our Advanced Modular Design accommodates most firearms, scopes and accessories, and allows our Firearms Mounting Systems to be easily converted from a Partition Mounting System to a Stand Alone Mounting System by simply adding a stand alone base.

Advanced "T-Rail" Technology

The “T-Rail” Weapon Systems provide maximum adjustability for multiple firearms and flexibility to accommodate multiple lock heads. Available in double or single Mount models, with the options of small, large, universal, VaultLock and Blac-Rac lock configurations. Fits XL, recessed panel and flat panel partitions, or stand alone.

Window Armor / Barriers


EMERGENCY PRODUCTS Window Bars Door Covers Window Bars

Rear window bar is offering protection from windows being kicked out by restrained prisoners while placed in the back seat.

Designed to fit with rear partition cages by Setina Manufacturing. Optional: Window Bars with built-in MR6 Linear LED's


K-9 Window Barriers

Quality, Performance and Value

When choosing Setina K-9 Window Barriers, you can trust that you are getting the highest quality, performance and value available. When designing the right window barriers for K-9 units, a precision fit and your K-9 partner’s comfort were our highest priorities. Good thing too, because we’re proud of our expertly designed line of K-9 window barriers. We have styles for sedans, mid-size SUVs, full-size SUVs, and trucks, with and without fans, as well as fans of various sizes.
*Fans Not Included

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