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Radio Rentals

Short-term two-way radio rentals are a cost-effective way to ensure your staff can communicate clearly during special events or busy seasons. ERS Wireless has a large fleet of Motorola Radio Equipment in Analog, Digital and 800MHz. Our fleet consists of portable radios, base radios and repeaters as well as accessories such as Single and Multi-Unit Chargers, 1-wire Surveillance Earpieces, Remote Speaker Mics, and Spare Batteries. Our radio rentals are offered by the day, weekend, week, month or more.

Radio coverage is something to consider when scheduling a radio rental. If you need radio coverage over a small area, you might be able to get ample coverage with radio- to- radio communications. The Motorola Radios in our fleet give on average up to a 1-mile talk range without a repeater. To expand that coverage with a repeater, you can have solid coverage over several floors of a building or up to a few miles of outdoor coverage. In addition to basic radio-to-radio coverage and radio + repeater coverage, ERS Wireless offers wide area coverage in several large cities throughout Indiana and Kentucky.

  • Motorola Radios & Accessories
  • Analog, Digital and 800MHz Equipment Available
  • Portable Radios, Base Radios and Repeaters
  • Intrinsically Safe radio protection available
  • On-site Distribution & Support Available
  • Radio Labelling
  • Specialty Programming
  • Spare Battery for each Rental Radio
  • Easy Return Shipping
  • Cost Effective
  • Marathons and Large Sporting Events
  • Conventions
  • Fairs & Festivals
  • Horse Shows & Races
  • Peak Season for Construction
  • Music Festivals
  • Church Events
  • College Events; Extra Staff during Football Games, Graduation, Alumni Weekends, etc.
  • Security
  • Transportation
  • UHF / VHF / 800MHz
  • Analog Equipment: CP200, PR400, HT1250
  • Digital Equipment: XPR3500, XPR6000, XPR7550
  • Mobile Equipment (Base Radios): XPR4000, XPR5000
  • Accessories: 1-wire Surveillance Earpiece, Remote Speaker Mics, Single & Multi-Unit Chargers

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