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A Partnership between ERS Wireless & You!

An ERS Managed Service solution involves the bundling of equipment and traditional repair services with a specified amount of operational support and management services that meet your unique needs.

By allowing us to supply and maintain your wireless communication system(s), you can focus on core mission objectives, and rest assured that we will provide the necessary service and support level to meet your business and financial objectives.

ERS Wireless Managed Service includes the following:

  • No Capital Investment
  • No Additional Repair Costs
  • Priority Service and Technical Support
  • All Parts and Labor (under normal usages)
  • Annual Preventative Maintenance Check (at customers’ request)
  • Covers All Travel Charges for Fixed Equipment.

Features and Benefits of an ERS Managed Service Plan:

  • Customized Solution
    Every ERS Managed Service partnership is tailored to the customer’s specific needs and allows the flexibility to get a customized system with only a small, upfront investment. Managed Service is easily scalable as your system needs grow.
  • Cost-Effective
    The contractual nature of Managed Service allows you to budget for the monthly service, with no hidden fees or unexpected support charges.
  • Easy to Budget
    Managed Service makes budgeting easy! With a set monthly fee that covers the cost of the equipment and service, you’ll avoid unexpected expenses for service issues and repairs. This partnership includes equipment, labor and parts, as well as factory-trained/industry-certified technical support.
  • Guaranteed Obsolescence Protection
    After the initial term, you can choose to return your equipment and upgrade to newer equipment or keep the equipment and renew the Managed Service agreement. It’s up to you.

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