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Protecting People Starts with Protecting PSAPs

You need Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) call handling solutions from ERS Wireless to work for you. End- to- end. Start to finish. NG9-1-1 solutions equip you with what you need to protect others. The critical linkages between Emergency Call Handling, Command & Control, and Records & Evidence provide you with a unified workflow, from call to case closure and a complete set of data to make more informed decisions. Let us help you improve efficiency, streamline workflows, and reduce risk with Next Generation 9-1-1 technology.

Increase Efficiency

Automate processes to better manage staffing, training challenges, and pinpoint callers’ location.

Streamline Workflows

Simplify tasks, save time, gain intelligence and flexibility.

Reduce Risk

Increase security and protection against cyber threats and maximize performance.

Designed to Work the Way You Do

Using the latest software design and telephony technologies, the i3-compatible application manages the receipt of emergency calls and seamlessly dispatches a response with a simple, easy-to-use workflow.

  • One-touch transfer of calls, saving precious seconds
  • Integrated workflow options (9-1-1, Map, Dispatch)
  • NG9-1-1 ready and designed for ESInet-based i3 and legacy CAMA call handling

Easily Locate 9-1-1 Callers in Need

Right when a call is received – from a cell phone or landline – it is mapped and prioritized for faster response.

  • Both traditional 9-1-1 and mapped ALI functions are displayed on a single map
  • Easily view and manage incoming calls from the map – before the call is answered
  • Pinpoint caller location accuracy with RapidSOS partnership

CallWorks CallStation
NG9-1-1 ready efficient architecture scalable for agencies of all sizes.

Delivers call taking and mapping, at a lower cost, for agencies that have a dispatch application but need to add the latest VoIP, wireless mobile and NG9-1-1 enhancements. Call taking is available directly from the Map with the support of traditional 9-1-1 and Mapped ALI features in one smooth workflow. CAD interfaces are provided.

Learn more about CallWorks CallStation

PremierOne Call Control
Call handling directly accessible within PremierOne Computer Aided Dispatch.

PremierOne NG9-1-1 Call Control integrates the most important information into a unified view, eliminating repetitive data entry steps and improving operator focus and productivity. The purpose-built application handles voice calls, citizen texts and multimedia messages simultaneously and streamlines workflows so that call takers and dispatchers can focus on managing the incident at hand without being distracted by the complex technology that surrounds them.

Learn more about PremierOne Call Control

VESTA® Solutions Suite
Proven, feature-rich NG9-1-1 ready applications serving thousands of Public Safety Answering Points.

Today’s PSAPs face many challenges, including responding to a mobile society, staffing shortages, adoption of Next-Generation technology and ongoing cyberthreats. To overcome these challenges, PSAPs need solutions that increase efficiency, streamline workflows and reduce risk. The VESTA® solutions suite ensures call takers gain the functionality they need to save seconds and save lives.

Learn more about VESTA® Solutions Suite

James Long with Blount County (TN) on CallWorks and Motorola

Learn why relationships built on trust make all the difference to the community of Blount County. Hear Jimmy Long, E-911 Center Director, describe how NG9-1-1 technology, like CallWorks, is changing dispatchers’ lives. Together with Motorola Solutions, Jimmy and his team are taking advantage of the technology changes to serve their community in better ways.

Waukesha County Upgrades Community Safety with Next-Generation 9-1-1

Emergency CallWorks CallStation mapping helps Waukesha County dispatchers easily locate 9-1-1 callers in need.

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