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Below are some of the most popular commercial vehicle partition solutions from the manufacturers we represent. Please contact us for more information on all your options to fit your specific needs.



Cargo Partition938-0098A

Cargo Partition w/Lexan, designed for 2015 Ford Expedition Max.


The Leader in Rear Cargo Security

We Got your Back, All the way Back
From the front to the back, Setina’s got you covered. Our Advanced Rear commercial vehicle partition solutions are professionally designed to provide law enforcement with prisoner transport solutions, along with a multi-purpose divider for prisoner transport seating and the secure mounting of your cargo storage systems, electronics and gear.

Radio Electronics Storage Panel
Advanced Radio and Electronics Mounting Design
Setina is devoted to constant research, to engineer cutting-edge designs to mount and store your electronics and gear. Our unique lower radio storage panel design provides hidden storage behind your SUV’s rear seat. Special vented lower panel lets your electronics stay cool utilizing your vehicle’s interior air system.



Standalone Partition

Requires 2 x 838-0066A to secure to roof framing and 2 x 838-0069A to secure to bottom framing and partition frame.


Space Saving Design

Single Prisoner Transport Designs
Setina’s Single Prisoner Transport Systems provide a secure area to hold the detainee and maximize officer comfort. Only Setina Single Transport units retain the full roll bar-type framework design for structural integrity. Also, only by Setina, is our unique S-Bend design positioning the unit further back on the driver side rather than on the passenger side, with no obstruction to the driver’s seat travel.

Precision Mounting is a Critical Part of Our Design Setina's Innovative Mounting System
Setina is devoted to constant research and technological advances to engineer cutting-edge mounting designs. Our superior mounting systems are designed for quick, easy installation, mounting to the strongest points inside the vehicle, creating our Space-Saver efficiency for maximum driver and passenger legroom.

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