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What Is the Motorola Solutions Safety & Security Ecosystem?

At its simplest, the MSI Safety & Security Ecosystem is a set of security components that includes access control systems, surveillance tools and technologies, cloud-based AI powered software and communications in one integrated platform that work together in more powerful ways.

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Technology for a Safer World

Businesses depend on an increasingly diverse set of tools and technology to prevent different types of physical security threats in any facility while simultaneously getting the job done. However, outdated, and siloed systems and processes in place today can negatively affect efficiency and productivity, and most importantly, risk the safety and security of people and property. A technology ecosystem reduces inefficiencies, streamlines operations, and delivers improved security for your organization.

Motorola Solutions has developed a powerful technology ecosystem that unifies and standardizes access control systems, surveillance tools and technologies, cloud-based AI powered software, and communications on a single common platform. With one comprehensive system supported by a single, trusted solution provider, your organization can achieve the foundation of safety that everything else is built on while also reducing costs, stress, and risk. In addition, the same technologies that provide the highest level of protection for people and property also make you better at everything you do.

Physical Security Solutions

In this day and age of technology, security is a top priority for businesses across every industry. Physical security systems are not a new concept, but they are as important as cyber security measures when it comes to protecting people, property, and assets. A common definition of physical security includes security measures designed to limit access to authorized individuals, as well as any resources that protect personnel from harm and property from damage.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems provide an essential first line of defense against unauthorized access. However, integrating access control devices with other security system components can strengthen protection even further and provide security professionals with a single 360-degree view of activity throughout a building.

Strengthen your security technology ecosystem with Avigilon’s complete cloud-based or on-premise access control systems, built to open standards and equipped with robust features to keep organizations of all sizes safe and secure.

Surveillance Tools and Technology

Choosing the right security system is an important decision, and often a big investment for any size organization. There are two types of systems, with key differences to note: cloud-based and on-premise. Where these systems are managed is the main differentiator between the systems. On-premise security tech runs on locally managed servers at the building site, and is viewed as the more traditional, or “legacy” option.

Avigilon Alta is an entirely cloud-native security suite that brings together Ava Security’s video portfolio and Openpath’s access control solutions. Requiring no infrastructure beyond cameras, controllers, and access control readers, this flexible AI solution utilizes cloud infrastructure managed by Motorola Solutions to empower you to control your security from anywhere.

Avigilon Unity is Motorola Solutions’ AI-powered, on-premise security suite that has all the hallmarks of the original Avigilon portfolio, including Avigilon Control Center, Avigilon Cloud Services and Access Control Manager. It is designed for enterprises that want to manage their own systems under one centralized and scalable solution.

Your challenges are complex, but your video security shouldn’t be. Avigilon’s video solutions combine computer vision with artificial intelligence to help users scale and control collected video and instantly recognize what’s important and what’s not.

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Flexible AI-Powered Software

AI is an important tool in establishing more effective security, and a smart way to implement the latest security technology for successful convergence. Avigilon’s video management systems provide an enterprise-grade, AI-enabled solution, equipped with integrated machine-learning capabilities that are secure, scalable, and easy to use, and make watching live video obsolete.

Automate with Orchestrate

Simplify complex workflows, with Orchestrate, Motorola Solutions’ Secure, AI cloud-based, business workflow automation solution, designed for your unique ecosystem. It allows you to integrate individual processes, fully manage and optimize workflows, and deliver a consistent response every time.

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Communication Solutions

When creating a physical security strategy, you need to have all your security measures complementing one another. This requires the use of different types of physical security measures in a layered approach to ensure that you’re protected from every angle. A crucial layer of any successful security system is communication technologies that provide integrated voice and data, and if necessary, interoperability to communicate with local law enforcement.

Motorola Solutions has over 90 years of proven communication innovation. With instant, unified voice and multimedia collaboration at every moment, our users stay safe and aware when it matters most - from everyday routines to a crisis unfolding. In a world where communication technology is always evolving, one thing has remained constant: there is no substitute for voice.

Having MOTOTRBO at the heart of your organization will help you achieve new levels of productivity, safety, and efficiency. The extensive portfolio means you can custom-build your complete solution, including digital radios, infrastructure, systems, accessories, applications, and services designed around what you need today and in the future.

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Take Your Team’s Safety to The Next Level

Motorola Solutions builds integrated technologies to help protect people, property and places. Their solutions enable the collaboration between public safety agencies and private organizations that’s critical for a proactive approach to safety and security.

  • Access Control Systems
  • Surveillance Tools & Technologies
  • Cloud-Based AI-Powered Software
  • Communication Solutions

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