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Looking for the best industry communication solutions for various fields, including construction, education, EMS, health care, and more? ERS Wireless has wireless voice, video, and data communication solutions to keep your staff connected and assets safe. Great communication isn’t vital just to success but also to the safety of your team and anyone involved in your business.

The wireless voice, video, and data solutions we offer are designed to work together—allowing your staff to have the right information at the right time. Technology from industry leaders such as Motorola Solutions, Avigilon, Avtec, Ally, and Spillman will give you peace of mind that the systems we design are dependable and built for public safety, education, and enterprise environments.

Construction Solutions
Solutions for Construction

We offer thorough, customized, end-to-end solutions to make your job easier before and after the sale. Browse our solutions by your industry to meet the unique demands of your business.

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Education Solutions
Solutions for Education

We know that your district is constantly being pressed to boost student safety and increase staff efficiency on an ever-shrinking budget.

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First Responder Solutions
Solutions for First Responders

In an emergency, there are many unpredictable variables in play. Don’t let your communication device be one of them. Take your technology to the next level with our Fire and EMS communications solutions.

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Healthcare Solutions
Solutions for Healthcare

Create an environment that is safe and secure, where staff can perform at their best. Manage incidents and emergencies and prevent security breaches from happening.

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Hospitality Retail Solutions
Solutions for Hospitality & Retail

Nothing speaks to improving efficiency and guest service like next-generation communication solutions adapted to your needs.

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Manufacturing Solutions
Solutions for Manufacturing

Whether they’re managing a single food processing facility or a string of multinational automotive plants, manufacturers we provide solutions to improve performance, increase safety, optimize resources and run their operation smoothly.

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Service Company Solutions
Solutions for Service Companies

For field service organizations to be successful, you need more than simple voice communications. You need instant access to the data that matters and the ability to act on that information immediately.

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Transportation Solutions
Solutions for Transportation Companies

Ensure the smooth flow of finished goods into the hands of your customers with access to real-time data and always-on communications.

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Utility Company Solutions
Solutions for Utility Companies

From the wastewater plant to the power line, at the office or the substation, we help utility companies work more efficiently, productively and safely in the most difficult conditions and demanding environments.

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