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In an evolving world where technology touches nearly every aspect of our lives, the potential for enhancing safety and security within our educational institutions using wireless technology is invaluable. Once considered isolated sanctuaries of learning, schools are now confronted with increasing security challenges. However, as the demands for safer learning environments rise, so does the ingenuity of innovative wireless voice, video, and data analytic solutions.

Today, we stand at the forefront of a technological revolution, where cutting-edge solutions have emerged to fortify school safety. Wireless Technology can support a secure and conducive environment for students, teachers, and staff, allowing schools to remain conducive environments of growth, inspiration, and safety.

At ERS Wireless, we are dedicated to helping schools achieve their safety and security objectives - school safety issues and solutions are at the heart of our work and our technology.

Our integrated solutions bring together voice, video, and data analytics to facilitate proactive safety measures and swift responses to everyday challenges. These technologies can even enable direct communication with local first responders, giving them eyes and ears on the situation before they arrive on the scene.

Customized Security Systems for Schools

ERS Wireless helps school districts of all sizes do more by creating integrated technologies that enable you to do more with less.

As one of Motorola Solutions' first Safety Reimagined Badged Partners in the country, our Safe Schools Ecosystem is always in session. We help schools detect, analyze, communicate, and respond to issues with the goal of safe, smart learning environments. From video security to access control to motion detection to mass notifications and more, our comprehensive solutions and services are all about safety and security.

We offer a comprehensive range of advanced detection solutions for schools to ensure the safety and security of staff, students, and visitors.

Tip Submit

With Tip Submit, students can easily share anonymous alerts with administrators from their phones or laptops.

Video Security

Our specialized cameras provide enhanced visibility across campus, capturing key details in hallways, auditoriums, parking lots, and more.

License Plate Recognition

Keep tabs on visitors to the school with the latest camera technology, which can identify vehicles via a custom watchlist you create.

Access Control

Gain more control over school entry and manage staff, student, and visitor access to school buildings with instant detection at access points.

Watchlist Reporting

Watchlist reporting allows you to create a watchlist and keep an eye on perimeters and people of interest.

Smart Sensor Detection

Smart sensors detect vaping, THC, chemicals, and aggression detection - automatically alerting staff of incidents on the device of their choice.

Concealed Weapons Detection

Artificial intelligence and advanced sensors detect a wide range of concealed weapons and threats and immediately alert staff directly on their device of choice.

Contact us today to explore our comprehensive range of advanced detection solutions tailored specifically for schools. Our team of experts is ready to discuss how we can help you create a safer school environment.

Our advanced security features provide powerful tools for campus surveillance and turn unknowns into insights with analytics that help you take informed action.

Appearance Search

With Appearance Search, you can easily locate and track individuals with video searches using specific physical descriptions such as gender, age, clothing, and facial characteristics.

Identity Search

Identity Search enables mapping of people's movements on campus with scanned credential badge activity.

Unusual Motion Detection

Unusual Motion Detection allows you to identify atypical events using artificial intelligence designed to flag unusual motion or activity.

Focus of Attention

Focus of Attention technology highlights potentially critical video activities using color-coded hexagons so you can focus your attention and determine where action is required.

Self-Learning Analytics

Our Self-Learning Analytics continuously monitors properties, detecting situational and abnormal activity and sending proactive real-time notifications, ensuring comprehensive and proactive security measures.

Our integrated communication solutions are designed to ensure reliable and effective communication for schools, enhance school safety, and improve operational efficiencies.

MOTOTRBO Two-Way Radios

Connect and communicate effectively and efficiently with MOTOTRBO two-way radios for wide-area voice and data communications, providing the latest digital technology for instant connection.

Radio Alerts

Receive critical audio and visual alerts with automated video analytics dispatched directly to your two-way radios via text or text-to-voice.

WAVE Push-To-Talk Communications

Connect anyone on any device by extending your two-way-radio reach to smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

TRBOconnect™ Wide-Area Push-to-Talk

Stay connected across your school district while traveling for events with ERS Wireless’ wide-area push-to-talk service. It’s easy to use, easy to budget, and offers additional features such as vehicle tracking.

Ally Incident Management and Mass Notifications

Manage and customize incident records and video from any web-enabled device. Keep everyone informed before, during, and after critical events with integrated communications, automated text alerts, emails, and voice messages.

Distance Learning

Motorola Nitro Private LTE enables connectivity beyond Wi-Fi. Nitro enables schools to create an affordable private network with four times the range and twice the Wi-Fi capacity for reliable performance across locations while ensuring that every student has access to the information they need to succeed.

In-Building Coverage

Public Safety-Distributed Antenna Systems (PS-DAS) enhance two-way radio coverage in stairwells, elevators, electrical closets, basements, and parking garages, which are often challenging for clear communications for public safety agencies.

Ready to enhance the communication systems in your school for improved safety and efficiency? Connect with our experts to discuss the best communication solutions tailored to your school's needs.

With our software and devices, you can connect school personnel with local law enforcement to enable efficient, informed, and rapid response in critical situations.

Ally Dispatch

Ally Dispatch simplifies and standardizes dispatch processes, connecting teams across devices and locations.

Command Central Aware

Command Central Aware enables real-time video and direct connection between your school and local law enforcement, providing immediate visual information for a more informed response.

P25 Mission-Critical Communications

Our P25 Mission-Critical Communications ensure seamless connectivity and interoperability between school personnel and law enforcement.

Critical Connect

Critical Connect facilitates real-time communication and coordination with law enforcement during major incidents by connecting two-way radios and smartphones.

Access Control for Emergency Response

With Access Control for Emergency Response, you can empower immediate first response and manage ingress/egress points, obtaining real-time location information from anywhere, at any time.

ERS Wireless is one of Motorola Solutions Platinum and Premier Service Elite Partners, and we take great pride in the ongoing re-certification and specialization of our sales, service, and engineers.

Are you ready to enhance the security measures in your school with customized wireless voice, video, and data analytics solutions?

Whether it's creating interoperable solutions with local public safety agencies, enabling a district-wide radio system, or deploying video surveillance and access control solutions for the protection of administrators, faculty, and students, we offer customized end-to-end wireless voice, video, and analytic solutions. Let us design, install, and maintain the ideal security solution that meets your school's needs. Contact us today to get started.

Safe Schools Analytics Solutions Video

Analytics technology from Motorola Solutions provides real-time insights into student and staff activities across campus.

Safe Schools Communication Solutions Video

Communications instantly and reliably connect security, administration, bus drivers and staff – so teams are always aware.

Safe Schools Detection Solutions Video

Today’s security and detection technology plays a critical role in minimizing potential risks, improving situational awareness and helping increase early detection.

Safe Schools Response Solutions Video

Motorola Solutions' software and devices seamlessly connect school personnel with local law enforcement to enable a rapid response and prevent incidents from becoming tragedies.

Perry Township Schools Voice of Customer Video

Motorola Solutions' connected ecosystem of safety tools allows faculty, administrators, coaches, security and law enforcement to focus on what they do best: connecting with and supporting students.

Motorola Solutions: Safer and Connected Schools

K-12 schools across the country are searching for solutions to preserve student and staff safety. To create the safest learning environment possible, intelligently connect your networks, devices and technologies using innovations from Motorola Solutions.

Instant, Reliable Communications for Safer, More Productive Schools

Learn how Motorola Solutions helped School District 214 develop a Team Communications solution to enable district-wide communications that keeps its personnel connected and its staff and students safe.

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