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The primary concern of every educational institution is enabling students to learn, grow and thrive in a safe environment. Wireless technology such as surveillance cameras, video analytics, access control, and two-way radios for schools are a must in today’s educational environment to help keep students, staff, and teachers safe. ERS Wireless can help your school implement wireless voice, data, and video technologies that offer instant communications, discreet emergency notification, and connectivity in-building, campus-wide, or corporation-wide.

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As a school administrator, safety and productivity are always at the forefront of your day-to-day priorities. Having the ability to coordinate with staff members quickly and effectively, especially in emergency situations, is imperative. There’s no better way to monitor and communicate with your staff than with wireless technologies—such as Motorola two-way radiosfor schools. At ERS Wireless, we help schools implement wireless systems that offer instant communications and technology that allows you to communicate seamlessly over various devices – two-way radios, smart phones, desktop computers, laptops and tablets.

When you need direct communication with other teachers, staff or a school resource officer, upgrade your older analog radios to a digital two-way radio network from ERS Wireless. Motorola Solutions’ MOTOTRBO digital radios provide instant, reliable communications to specific groups or individuals. When urgent situations arise, nothing is faster than push-to-talk.

MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios equip your staff and fleet with instant, always-available communications, anywhere they go – districtwide. When emergencies arise, from an injured student to an intruder on campus, two-way radios connect staff directly and instantly. Your school is no longer subject to cellular overcrowding during inclement weather or an emergency. It’s one of several key advantages of MOTOTRBO radios over cell phones.

MOTOTRBO integrates voice and data seamlessly, with enhanced features that are easy to use, including integrated Bluetooth® 4.0, integrated Wi-Fi®, GPS location tracking, text messaging and Intelligent Audio that automatically adjusts volume to the environment. Whether a custodian is in a boiler room or a coach is in a crowded gym, you can be sure they will hear and be heard clearly with a MOTOTRBO system.

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Make your school safer and more efficient by adding applications to customize your MOTOTRBO radio system. These applications provide advanced capabilities and functionality that are operable on both digital two-way radios and mobile devices to enhance your school operations.

A few of the most popular applications ERS Wireless deploys for schools include:

GPS Tracking
Provides on-demand visibility into the locations of school vehicles, activity vans, buses and driver’s ed cars, bringing added intelligence and security to daily operations.

IP Radio Dispatch
Allows you to effectively track and monitor mobile assets and personnel by adding intelligent features that work in conjunction with the embedded capabilities of your MOTOTRBO radios.

Alarms and Alerts
Monitor entries and exits, alert key personnel to facility or equipment issues, and escalate issues through the chain of command to ensure speedy resolution.

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WAVE™ Push-To-Talk Application
Connect to your school’s staff, on any device, anywhere with WAVE™. WAVE™ allows you to leverage the resources you already have to communicate with employees on their own devices. Available in on-premise or cloud-based versions, WAVE extends your radio system’s reach to those who may not carry radios. Now the principal at a convention or the administrator away from campus can use their smartphones as push-to-talk devices to communicate seamlessly with radio users at school.

Learn more about the WAVE PTX™ Push-To-Talk Application

Video Surveillance and Access Control
Understanding and managing who is accessing your school’s campus is a critical aspect of ensuring student safety. Comprehensive video solutions from Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions company, can help your security team protect the safety of students and staff from the first bell of the day to the last student on the bus.

With a complete line of high-definition video cameras coupled with self-learning video analytics, school security officers will be able to find and track suspicious activity in all types of lighting conditions. The Avigilon Control Center video management system includes a cutting-edge AI search engine to identify and track individuals based on hair and clothing color, gender and age. To ensure that only approved guests enter, the new H4 Video intercom – designed specifically for schools – helps administrators visually identify visitors before remotely granting access.

Avigilon’s video surveillance and access control solutions are powered by artificial intelligence, providing a complete set of security solutions that help you create a safe and secure environment and protect what is most valuable – your students, staff and faculty.

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Mitigation and Management Solutions
Recognizing trends in behavior for the overall student population as well as individuals with a history of incidents helps school resource officers prepare and react when needed. Ally Incident Management software provides a comprehensive incident management system to support everything from incident dispatch to reporting in a simple and intuitive format. Create incidents on the fly, add still photos, video and audio files, and create standardized reports.

The Ally solution also supports integration with WAVE Push-to-Talk, enabling school resource officers to communicate with their teams and other school personnel directly from the application.

Ally’s Intuitive Incident Management Solution allows you stop a problem before it starts.

Learn more about Ally Solutions for Education

Response Technologies

ERS Wireless is pleased to partner with Response Technologies to offer schools an emergency notification solution. Active Shooter, Duress, Door Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring, and Intrusion are the most common uses of emergency notification systems. The Response Technologies solution integrates and expands seamlessly with your existing facility system(s) and talks directly to law enforcement without touching a 911 or dispatch center- saving time and lives.

The Emergency Alerting system leverages sensor technology to inform what is going on in your building as it is happening. Then that information is routed it to any number of difference audiences or personnel depending on what the “emergency” is.  With a very small panic button that can be mounted under desks, this is an ideal solution for areas such as the main office, guidance office, principal’s office, gymnasium and cafeteria.

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The connected classroom is no longer an option and has become mandatory. More than ever, schools must leverage the power of the Internet to enrich the learning experiences of today’s students. They have grown up in a wireless world, expecting access to the information they need anywhere and at any time, on any wireless device. But the increasing demands and needs for campus connectivity and mobility aren’t just for students. Your school’s staff also need reliable, high-speed Internet access to administer online testing, deliver streaming multimedia content and e-Learning. In addition, campus safety needs also require wireless connectivity for video surveillance.

Maintaining a secure, robust, and dependable wireless network for your school or district is easy with an end-to-end broadband network solution from ERS Wireless. Whether you’re planning a 1:1 initiative or already have one in place, we understand the pressures schools are facing today to implement learning environments with secure, robust networks that can handle large volumes of users on various devices for daily learning, as well as mandated testing. The wireless LANs we design are scalable and very easy to expand as your school’s needs increase.

If your school or district has problems keeping pace with increasing Wi-Fi performance and security demands, ERS Wireless can help. We are a leading systems integrator specializing in wireless networking and security technologies and can help you build your ideal wireless campus for your current and future needs. We provide turnkey solutions backed by over 70 years of industry experience and a proven track record of success. We deliver scalable, affordable, high-performance wireless WLAN solutions for schools.

Learn more about our Wireless Next Generation WLAN Solutions

Distributed Antenna Systems
Your school or district may be challenged when it comes to campuswide wireless coverage. Students, faculty and staff expect seamless delivery of wireless services no matter where they are. Every building, athletic facility and open area needs to be covered to ensure constant communication and safety. Without a distributed antenna system, that’s something schools and districts struggle to provide. Everything on campus stops when connectivity is down.

Active DAS consists of a wide network of antennas that are connected to the base station using fiber, ethernet and coaxial cabling. These antennas collect the signal from the participating carrier network and send it to the base station, where the signals are enhanced and then redistributed to deliver solid wireless coverage throughout an indoor facility or outdoor location for cellular, public safety, WLAN and wireless Internet applications. There are two types of DAS systems – Outdoor DAS (oDAS) and Indoor DAS (iDAS).

Outfitting schools with seamless wireless coverage presents a unique set of challenges. Most campuses are made up of buildings of various ages, shapes, sizes and materials such as brick and steel, which stop the transmission of wireless signals. In addition to building designs, the type of technology utilized, number of service providers, RF frequency and capacity needs makes every DAS ERS design unique.

With ERS Wireless’ extensive knowledge and over 70 years of wireless experience, we can provide the seamless indoor and outdoor wireless coverage your school and students deserve. We provide a turnkey DAS solution that includes system design and project management; coordination with federal, state and local agencies; RF planning and drive tests with service providers; installation and system testing; and system monitoring and maintenance.

Learn more about our Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Solutions

At ERS Wireless, we offer a suite of wireless technologies that can help improve bus routing, communications, and the safety of your drivers and passengers. Should drivers need assistance, wireless voice, data and video solutions equip drivers with excellent, dependable communication capability.

Advanced Digital Two-Way Radios
MOTOTRBO two-way radios unify your staff and fleet with instant, always-available communications, anywhere they go. Transport students safely and improve fleet efficiency with MOTOTRBO GPS-enabled radios. Features like emergency call buttons alert dispatch when drivers need assistance, and remote monitoring lets you listen in when a driver is unable to respond. MOTOTRBO data applications inspect buses, check fuel usage, track upkeep and inform you if bus doors are left open.

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Wide-Area Coverage with GPS Tracking
Transporting students to and from school safely is a foremost priority for school transportation directors, school bus drivers, school administrators and parents. Dependable radio communication is a must.

Extend your reach with ERS Wireless’ wide-area coverage solution – TRBOconnect™. This system was designed with the needs of school transportation in mind. TRBOconnect provides clear, reliable voice communications as well as integrated data capabilities like text messaging and GPS throughout most of Indiana and Northern Kentucky. It’s also significantly more affordable than cell phones and DOT-compliant.

GPS Fleet Tracking
Need to contact a student on the bus, redirect a vehicle or make sure your fleet is adhering to its route? The integrated GPS on MOTOTRBO mobile radios utilizes our TRBOconnect system, allowing you to monitor bus locations and manage logistics.

In-Bus Wi-Fi
Extend connectivity from the classroom to the commute with In-Bus Wi-Fi. This is a great solution for students to make productive use of their commute time. It is especially helpful for those students who don’t have access to the Internet at home, as well as student athletes traveling to and from away events.

Learn more about In-Bus Wi-Fi Solutions

School Bus Camera Systems
Transporting children safely is your first priority. The integration of video technology into your fleet can ensure safer travel, create a positive work environment for your drivers and staff, and can reduce operational costs. Both interior and exterior cameras are designed to keep track of what’s going on in and around the bus while it is in operation. From student and driver behavior to motorists disregarding stop arm signals, stay informed to keep students safe. Get true 1080p high-definition coverage of every seat of your bus with a permanent record of any occurrences.

Learn more about our School Bus Camera System Solutions

When dealing with a school emergency, the last thing on your mind should be the functionality and performance of your communication systems. ERS Wireless Managed Service provides a convenient and reliable approach to supporting and managing your communications.

With our Managed Service Plan, there is minimal upfront cost, and you pay for your “Solution as a Service” over time, while having guaranteed uptime.

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ERS Wireless is a Motorola Solutions Platinum Channel Partner and Premier Service Partner. We offer the full line of Motorola Solutions wireless voice, data and video products, and the services to support those products. For over 70 years, we have been helping businesses and public safety agencies implement wireless communication systems that help them keep staff connected, raise productivity, streamline operations and improve overall safety. We have Indiana offices in Bloomington, Columbus, Elkhart, Evansville, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Kokomo and Ligonier and Kentucky offices in Lexington and Louisville.

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