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Video Solutions

Below are some of the most popular Video products and solutions from the manufacturers we represent. Please contact us for more information on all your options to fit your specific needs.



PR1ME Witness Body-Worn Camera

  • High Resolution
  • Low-Light Infrared (IR) recording
  • Embedded Audio

WatchGuard’s new Zero Sightline (ZSL)

WatchGuard’s new Zero Sightline (ZSL) high-definition camera is specifically designed to be mounted in front of the rearview mirror in order to ensure there is zero obstruction of the officer’s line of sight. The all digital ZSL camera utilizes a cast zinc camera body with a unique form factor that is about the size of a credit card.

Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range Technology

U-WDR technology eliminates the need for the “Backlight” button and a “Nighttime” button found on most cameras because the ZSL camera does not need any help from the officer to force the camera to lighten its exposure under back-lighted conditions (dusk or dawn) or make adjustments for nighttime operation. Everything is fully automatic.

Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s)


Our Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)

Feature high levels of security and encryption from recording to storage and retrieval of video, audio and metadata, preserving the integrity of recorded evidence while maintaining ease of operation and a simplified installation.

  • Rugged, reliable and powerful
  • Fanless operation
  • Ultra low power consumption

Reverse Camera/Monitor Systems


Reverse Camera Monitor Systems

Reverse Camera/Monitor Systems, from Federal Signal, provide the driver with an expanded field-of-view for enhanced safety during back-up or while maneuvering the vehicle in challenging environments. With a variety of cameras, monitors, and mounting options available, Reverse Camera/Monitor Systems has a solution for almost any vehicular application.

  • High-resolution Sony CCD camera for outstanding image quality.
  • 5.6" or 7" color TFT-LCD monitors available.
  • Rear camera 4.3" color monitor available

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