Motorola Solutions Safe Schools

30 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM COMMUNICATE LOUD AND CLEAR Connect your team with rugged two-way radios that deliver superior voice clarity, outstanding range and long battery life so they can hear and be heard, loud and clear. KEEP YOUR TEAM CONNECTED Assure seamless communication between staff and with other locations when daily incidents or when emergencies arise. CREATE CONFIDENCE IN YOUR COMMUNITY Assure employees and community members that your organization has direct communications everyday to create a safer, secure environment. MOTOTRBO COMMUNICATIONS COMMUNICATE CLEARLY ACROSS LOCATIONS CONNECT WITH CRITICAL SENSORS Trigger critical alerts directly to your radio – including license plate recognition, door breaches, loitering or presence detection. ALERT UNUSUAL EVENTS PROACTIVELY Automatically dispatch alert information directly to your MOTOTRBO radios via text message and/or text- to-voice alerts. REINVEST SAVINGS IN BROADER SAFETY SECURITY Eliminate or reduce requirements for large-scale video walls with intelligent sensor-based alerts monitoring activity and focusing response. RADIO ALERT INSTANTLY RECEIVE VIDEO ANALYTIC AND ACCESS CONTROL ALERTS SAFETY REIMAGINED SOLUTIONS Ch 3 Team 1