32 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM Avigilon Solutions for Education Avigilon provides a complete set of surveillance solutions that help you create a safe and secure environment and protect what is most valuable—your students, staff and faculty. REAL-TIME NOTIFICATIONS Self-learning video analytics provide instant alerts of events on school grounds via desktop browser or mobile app, helping to detect events such as vandalism or disruptive behaviour. AI TECHNOLOGY Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) technology is able to continuously learn what typical activity in a scene looks like and then detect and flag unusual motion, helping to reveal events on school grounds that may have otherwise been missed. EASE OF USE User-friendly software is straightforward and intuitive, allowing staff to operate and manage the system, whether they are an IT novice or an expert. EFFICIENT BANDWIDTH MANAGEMENT Avigilon High Definition Stream Management (HDSM)™ and HDSM SmartCodec™ technologies reduce bandwidth and storage needs while maintaining image quality. QUICK ACTION ACM™ generated door events allow you to create rule-based actions and notifications for quick on-site responses, including immediate school-wide lockdown. SYSTEM INTEROPERABILITY ACM integrates with Avigilon Control Center™ software, allowing you to easily manage video alarm events with either system and display them through an intuitive interface. SCHOOL SAFETY AND SECURITY