Motorola Solutions eBrochure for Education

2 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM CONTENTS 04 UNIFIED TEAM COMMUNICATIONS 06 MOTOTRBO 19 WAVE PUSH-TO-TALK (PTT) 23 VIDEO SURVEILLANCE & ANALYTICS 29 SECURITY INCIDENT MANAGEMENT 32 COMMANDCENTRAL AWARE 34 NITRO 38 TIPSUBMIT SAFE SCHOOLS SOLUTIONS FROM DETECTION TO RESPONSE As schools consider their options for instant communications, they share common concerns, regardless of the size or type of facility, for managing today’s challenges in education, including: How do we know who’s coming to our school? DETECT Detect unauthorized individuals and vehicles while creating high visibility across school grounds. How do we keep an eye on thousands of students? ANALYZE Analyze atypical events, unusual motion and find what you are looking for faster and more efficiently. How do we stay connected and keep people informed? COMMUNICATE Communicate clearly and instantly across school grounds with the entire staff, regardless of network or device. How can we provide eyes-on-scene from anywhere? RESPOND Respond by mobilizing critical resources in a more informed and timely manner. CREATING SAFE SCHOOLS We understand your challenges and provide advanced technology solutions for education. Our integrated solutions bring together the technologies you need in order to know who’s on your school grounds, keep an eye on your campus and easily connect with students, parents, staff, community members and law enforcement. VIDEO