Advanced Manufacturing

800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM 2 CONTENTS 04 UNIFIED TEAM COMMUNICATIONS 06 DIGITAL TWO-WAY - MOTOTRBO 11 PTT APP - WAVE ONCLOUD 15 AI SURVEILLANCE - AVIGILON 19 INCIDENT MANAGEMENT - ALLY 22 DISPATCH CONSOLES - AVTEC 25 CBRS SOLUTION - NITRO SAFE MANUFACTURING SOLUTIONS FROM DETECTION TO RESPONSE As manufacturing organizations consider their options for instant communications, they share the same frustrations: inefficiencies and outdated processes that take up too much of their time and resources, impacting production and the bottom line. How do we know what’s happening in and around our plant? DETECT Detect unauthorized access and unusual activity while creating high visibility across the factory to protect people, property and assets. How do we identify potential incidents that need attention before they impact safety or production? ANALYZE Analyze atypical events, unusual motion and find what you are looking for faster and more efficiently. How do we stay connected and keep people informed? COMMUNICATE Communicate clearly and instantly across one or multiple facilities, regardless of network or device. How can we provide eyes-on-scene from anywhere and minimize downtime? RESPOND Respond by mobilizing critical resources in a more informed and timely manner. CREATING SAFE MANUFACTURING FACILITIES We are a specialist in manufacturing communications and understand your challenges. Our solutions help connect your staff instantly, without boundaries and with more information at their fingertips. Dangerous chemicals. Heavy machinery. Confined spaces. Manufacturing plants and factory floors are hazardous places, with the potential for serious safety issues. Communications technology used in manufacturing is rapidly evolving to help employees — from plant managers and operations personnel, to warehousing and distribution — instantly connect and quickly respond to whatever situation may occur. Are you keeping up with the latest communication technologies to ensure your team is equipped to respond to emergencies quickly, intelligently and decisively? To protect workers from injury and keep manufacturing processes running smoothly, plant workers are embracing digital communications for smarter and safer operations, improved team communications and unified collaboration.