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Two-way radio networks provide instantaneous communication, but certain device-specific and environmental elements limit a radio’s range. Thankfully, there are several tools at your disposal for overcoming this. To understand the physics behind radio range losses as well as potential remedies, consider these tips and tricks for improving the range of two-way radios.

Use a Repeater and Bi-Directional Amplification

Repeaters are your first available tool. Put simply, a repeater takes a two-way radio’s transmissions and magnifies the transmission, increasing the wattage of the transmission so that it travels farther. A repeater is similar in concept to a transformer that increases the voltage of electricity from a power plant, which allows the electricity to travel vast distances over power lines.

People working in an office sometimes experience range losses due to the structure of their office building, which contains materials that dampen radio signals. Bi-directional amplifiers (BDA) specifically provide a strong signal for your radios by bypassing your building and providing an access point to transmit and receive frequencies from within.

Maintain Your Battery’s Charge

In addition, your radio’s charge affects its function. As radios operate at lower charges, they tend to lose output power and transmission range. For this reason, keep an eye on your two-way radio’s charge throughout the day and charge it if you experience an issue with range. Radio batteries retain their overall health well, however it is recommended to replace batteries every 18 months.

Increase Your Antenna’s Height

Another tip for improving two-way radio range is increasing your antenna’s height. If you’re struggling with your radio, particularly in rural or rugged settings, climb higher to physically orient your antenna at a different point. Even slight increases in height can help. Transmitted frequencies travel in a straight line and when obstacles impede them- adjusting to a higher point helps.

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