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4 Ways to Communicate Better on a Construction Site

Construction sites can range from cramped to expansive. They pop up on busy streets and in the middle of nowhere. Though they don’t take on one form, construction sites require straightforward communication to function appropriately. This is true of all workplaces, but there are unique risks of injury and irreparable damage on a construction site if there is a miscommunication. To help, here are some ways to communicate better on a construction site to bolster safety and efficiency.

Practice Active Listening
Construction workers need technical know-how, but just as important are softer skills that allow them to get their technical work done as part of a team. Active listening is an especially good tool for ensuring that messages get across appropriately to recipients. Practically, this expresses in one of several ways. Active listening involves rewording what people say and repeating it back to them. This way, the recipient commits a conversation to memory while verifying they’ve heard it right. Also, active listeners don’t simply listen with their ears—they take notes so they won’t forget later. Like reflecting people’s statements back to them, taking notes helps workers remember what’s said but also provides a physical backup in case they forget.

Take Advantage of Technology
Many technological tools at the disposal of a construction crew should not be ignored. One prime example is two-way radios, which address construction crews’ challenges by enabling them with instant push-to-talk communications. Two-way radios are uniquely streamlined communication devices that are also durable enough to handle the unpredictable hazards of a construction site. Motorola two-way radios can withstand hard drops, extreme temperatures, and even heavy rain- so no matter what conditions workers are in, these devices are built to withstand the harsh elements at a construction site. Also, in the event an ERS Wireless two-way radio needs servicing, we offer worry-free two-way radio repair.

Strive for Clarity
As always, giving people directions or updates will most likely lead to appropriate change when the message is clear and concise. This is perhaps even more necessary on a loud construction site with so many moving pieces and people.

Make Sure People Know Who to Contact
One final note on how to communicate better on a construction site—ensure staff know who to talk to in every situation. Establish a clear communication hierarchy so staff don’t overload supervisors but can still address their urgent concerns. It’s especially important for channels to be clear, so when an emergency occurs, workers can get immediate support.

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