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Video Surveillance on Construction Sites

Building materials are at an all-time high while skilled tradesmen are becoming more difficult to find. Ensuring a jobsite is safe and its assets are secure has never been more important to the success of a build. Invest in safety and monitoring by providing the best means of support so workers can do their jobs undeterred. Knowing video surveillance systems are on construction sites is a good start to meeting those goals.

Keep Tabs on Work Zones
Several stages and quotas must be met to ensure a build is completed on time. However, some job sites fall victim to random mishaps or weather conditions. Receiving a warning of anything going awry saves a lot of time and worry. Additionally, constant surveillance in different work zones allows project organizers to keep tabs on the current rate of progress for the job.

Deter Thieves
When placing cameras in a construction zone, it’s a good idea to make them noticeable yet unreachable. Having them perched in areas that provide a wide view of the area deters thieves from entering the work zone when everyone is finished for the day. The last thing anyone wants is to realize certain tools or materials have gone missing due to theft. Visible surveillance does a great job of stopping the act before it occurs.

Increased Safety
The safety of skilled workers is a top priority for construction companies. By using reliable systems such as Avigilon video surveillance, checking on the status of workers becomes effortless. Whether they experience a health-related issue or an onsite injury, having active systems available for their sake instills confidence in overall job protection.

Professions and projects in the construction industry are known to be somewhat dangerous. By maintaining a reliable means of observation, workflow and worker safety increase. It’s good for your staff and customers to know a video surveillance system is on your construction site to help reduce workplace accidents and improve overall security for everyone.

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