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28 | 800-475-3320 • WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM INTRODUCING MOTOTRBO ION INTEGRATED VIDEO SECURITY A truck is preparing to depart a distribution center and contacts dispatch for confirmation. The shipping team recognizes that there is inventory missing from the load, and notifies the operations team. Using a video surveillance app, the team conducts an activity search through the last two hours to find out where the missing inventory is and locate the pallet. The operations team locates the pallet, reads the inventory data with a scanner, and loads the pallet onto the truck. Dispatch radios the driver with clearance to leave with the complete inventory. STREAMLINED FLEET TRACKING By equipping a fleet’s drivers with MOTOTRBO Ion, fleet supervisors and dispatchers can monitor truck locations via a dashboard, track mileage and other metrics, or send instructions to the driver. The driver is able to communicate using both voice and data over LTE nationwide – and on a device designed to be tough enough for the road. BAGGAGE SCANNING While using their MOTOTRBO Ion to scan bags under the wing, an airport crew member receives a voice call to inform the team that a few more bags will be coming and need to be loaded into the cargo. Where this on-tarmac process previously required several devices to complete, crew members can now simultaneously scan bags and communicate over radio with one device. DISPATCHING SERVICE PERSONNEL A gate service personnel tasked with assisting customers to and from the gate by wheelchair or motorized carts gets a notification on their MOTOTRBO Ion that they are assigned a new job. However, they are currently assisting another customer. With Ion, they are able to ask for re-assignment via the ticketing system, or place a voice call to the supervisor in order to request assistance. TRANSPORTATION AND LOGISTICS Keeping up with increasing demands in shortened timeframes requires constant coordination and communication. Yet transportation and logistics organizations face a number of unique challenges that impact their ability to communicate. Coverage must reach diverse facilities and widespread service areas. Devices must be durable and long-lasting across a variety of potentially challenging environments. Continued device updates must be pushed to devices that are always in-use and on-the-move. But above all, manufacturing organizations are challenged by the ability to connect workers and teams across increasingly diverse devices. MOTOTRBO Ion alleviates the challenges of device proliferation, keeping your team connected across networks and devices. TRANSPORTATION AND LOGISTICS USE CASES 6 USE CASE BRIEF | MOTOTRBO ION