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29 | 800-475-3320 • WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM INTRODUCING MOTOTRBO ION VIDEO SECURITY INTEGRATION The security supervisor receives a mobile notification on their MOTOTRBO Ion about an incident in the far end of the parking lot. A nearby team member is dispatched, while the supervisor is able to pull up the camera feed on his Ion device and monitor as the incident is de-escalated. TICKET SCANNING A guest relations manager notices the lines beginning to back up around a section of the entrance. With Ion, they are able to jump in to help scan tickets for guests upon entry, speeding up the process for guests. CONNECTED INTELLIGENCE After a personal item has been left behind by a fan, an operations manager pulls up a video feed and is able to identify the individual who left it behind. Using appearance search to work through recorded and live video, the manager is able to determine their location. The individual’s image and seat location is shared with security personnel, and the item is returned to the fan. WORK TICKETING A number of the big-screen TVs around the stadium have been reported to be flickering on and off. Using Ion, the supervisor is able to stream a video of the malfunctioning TVs and add the footage to a work ticket that is shared with the gameday production staff in order to quickly resolve the issue. STADIUMS AND THEME PARKS Creating a safe, enjoyable experience for guests and fans is the ultimate goal of stadiums and theme parks. But ensuring this memorable experience can be difficult. Some locations cover expansive areas and all see numerous visitors come through their gates on a daily basis. Communication is one of the most critical aspects to keeping operations at both stadiums and theme parks operating smoothly and ensuring a satisfactory guest experience. Yet communication throughout stadiums and theme parks present a unique challenge. Coverage must reach across diverse facilities that include underground locker rooms and areas that can be as widespread as a small town. And different functions and operational areas are often relying on a diverse set of devices to manage their day-to-day tasks – making it difficult to seamlessly connect staff. MOTOTRBO Ion alleviates the challenges presented by these diverse devices, keeping your team connected. STADIUM AND THEME PARK USE CASES 7 USE CASE BRIEF | MOTOTRBO ION