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Weather Warning Systems

We help cities and campuses deploy weather warning and mass notification sirens.

Whether it’s a city that wants to ensure the citizens, visitors and guests in their community are notified should severe weather arise, a college campus that wants to alert students, staff, and visitors or a manufacturer that has to alert staff quickly- we can help you implement a mass notification system that is reliable, and cost effective.


We offer many different types of outdoor warning sirens, making it easier to find the right siren for your community, school, business or park. We can help you determine a mass notification siren system that is effective and reliable. We have experience designing, installing, and maintaining outdoor weather warning siren systems that are county-wide, communities, and campus-wide.


We help Manufacturers, Schools, and Hospitals keep the people within their buildings safe and secure with indoor alerting systems. Indoor alerting might consist of speakers, and/or strobe lights that are integrated with the local municipal warning system, or they can be a standalone. Regardless to which you prefer in your building, we can help you deploy an indoor alerting system that is dependable.


We highly recommend being proactive and having an annual preventative maintenance check performed on all warning sirens. When an emergency arises, is not the time to find out a siren has a mechanical problem. The technical staff at ERS Wireless is trained by the siren manufacturers and can test your equipment to ensure it is functioning to manufacturer standards. To learn more or to schedule a preventative maintenance check on your warning sirens,


Please contact ERS Wireless at or 800-475-3320