11 800-377-2929 | WWW.WAVE-ONCLOUD.COM TLK 25 Wi-Fi WEARABLE DEVICE VOICE ASSISTED OPERATIONS Enhance Employee Communications with Intuitive Voice Assistant Reduce employee efforts in operating devices with TLK 25’s embedded Intuitive Voice Assistant, which carries out all key device functions quickly. Employees don’t need to look at screens or fumble with their devices to use them. They can place calls, access settings and manage emergency features with the press of a button and use of their voice. Powered by natural language processing, TLK 25’s Intuitive Voice Assistant does not limit users to specific voice prompts. It can also understand varying names, verbiage and voices, including accents. Voice Assisted for Communications • Talkgroups • Group, private calls • Contacts • Scan • PTT lock/unlock Voice Assisted for Safety • Lone worker • Fall alert • Emergency source identification • Location information| Voice Assisted for Key Information • Wi-Fi connectivity • Device status • Battery • Volume • Instant Personal Alerts • Software Updates