Motorola MOTOTRBO eBrochure

57 | 800-475-3320 • WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM WAVE PTX (PUSH-TO-TALK SERVICE) FLEXIBLE CHOICE OF DEVICES AND ACCESSORIES Get the right tool for the job – choose the smartphone or tablet you prefer and the accessories that best fit your needs and budget. Smartphones and tablets Android and iOS Accessories Add accessories like headsets, earpieces and remote speaker microphones to help users get the most from their device PTT Communications – Fast, secure and reliable PTT voice communication at the touch of a button. Collaborate with an individual, predefined group or ad hoc groups created on the fly. Integrated Messaging – Push text, video, audio, photos and files to individuals or groups. See threaded history for communication details. Store and forward is supported for offline users. Mapping and Location – Find an address, coordinate a meeting place or share your location with others. Streaming Video – Optional feature that allows users to share real-time video at the push of a button, increasing communication clarity and improving situational awareness. SafeGuard Package – add this optional set of 3GPP MCPTT-based features to improve safety, situational awareness, and operational efficiency for all WAVE PTX users. Real-Time Presence – Set your status and see who is available with real-time presence information – Available, Do Not Disturb or Offline. KEY FEATURES