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30 | 800-475-3320 • WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM INTRODUCING MOTOTRBO ION INTEGRATION WITH IoT An error occurs on a connected thermostat in a guest’s room, sending an alert to the facilities supervisor. The supervisor opens a work ticket and radios out to dispatch a maintenance team member. Within a few minutes, the supervisor receives an alert that the ticket has been resolved, all before the guest returns to their room. WORK TICKETING A pool server notices a water pipe leaking, and radios out to maintenance. The service is also able to send an image of the issue directly to the maintenance supervisor. Armed with this critical information and a better understanding of the issue before getting on-site, the supervisor is able to dispatch someone from his team with the right part to quickly fix the issue. VIDEO SECURITY INTEGRATION Video cameras capture a trespasser in an area of the resort where guests are not permitted. Self-learning video analytics automatically flag the violation in the region of interest and alerts security staff. A security team member radios out to dispatch the nearest security personnel to the region of interest, along with an image of the trespasser to the entire security, events, and guest services team. INTELLIGENCE AT A GLANCE A resort shuttle driver is able to use a single device to communicate with hotel staff from anywhere. In addition, the front desk is able to track the shuttle’s location via a dashboard or other MOTOTRBO Ion device. This eliminates distractions for the driver and gives the team at the hotel more information at a glance. HOSPITALITY Within hospitality, ensuring a positive customer experience and overall satisfaction is key. Making sure things run smoothly and seamlessly requires your team to be in constant communication. However, four out of five hospitality workers report using more than one device to communicate with other employees on the job – impacting their ability to share information in a timely and effective manner. MOTOTRBO Ion alleviates the challenges presented by users on multiple devices, allowing your team to stay connected regardless of network or device. HOSPITALITY USE CASES 8 USE CASE BRIEF | MOTOTRBO ION