Motorola MOTOTRBO eBrochure

21 | 800-475-3320 • WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM INTRODUCING MOTOTRBO ION CONNECTIVITY IS FLEET BROCHURE MOTOTRBO ION BUILT TO KEEP YOUR WORKFORCE CONNECTED ANYWHERE YOU DO BUSINESS DEDICATED PTT DEVICE MOTOTRBO Ion matches powerful data capabilities with industry leading radio performance. Ion builds on Motorola’s unsurpassed LMR expertise to give your team the business-critical PTT functionality they count on and trust. SEAMLESS VOICE HANDOVER Seamless Voice Handover maintains your voice communications by automatically switching to broadband when your radio signal fades. Authentication, status, talkgroups, and encryption are all preserved, without interruptions or resets. FULL NETWORK INTEROPERABILITY WITH WAVE PTX Our trusted WAVE PTX™ solution gives your team PTT functionality, across different devices, networks, and locations. With WAVE PTX, your Ion fleet can communicate with the devices you already have, so you can instantly reach more of your team members, wherever they’re located. YOUR TEAM DEPENDS ON MOTOTRBO™ FOR CRITICAL COMMUNICATIONS ACROSS TEAMS, LOCATIONS AND NETWORKS. YOUR BUSINESS RUNS ON VOICE AND DATA, ACROSS SEVERAL FLEETS OF DEVICES AND NETWORKS. As a manager, it’s up to you to keep separate fleets and networks running 24/7, to keep up with your team’s evolving communications needs. MOTOTRBO Ion is the first business-ready communication device with all-on voice and broadband data capabilities. It is a converged device that will keep your workforce connected anywhere you do business, allow you to deploy your radios faster and keep them in the field longer, and help you stay safe from cyber threats.