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16 | 800-475-3320 • WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM INTRODUCING MOTOTRBO ION FACT SHEET MOTOTRBO ION — SECURITY DATA IN TRANSIT SECURITY Ion implements the industry-standard secure protocols used for data-in-transit, such as SRTP, HTTPS, etc. Available industry standard protocols and security requirements for connectivity interfaces such as WiFi, USB, BlueTooth and VPN have been implemented. In addition, Android provides secure communications over the internet for web browsing, email, instant messaging and other internet apps, by supporting Transport Layer Security (TLS). WI-FI Android 10 supports the Wi-Fi Alliance’s Wi-Fi Protected Access version 3 (WPA3) and Wi-Fi Enhanced Open standards, which improve overall Wi-Fi security by providing better privacy and robustness against known attacks. VPN Android supports securely connecting to an enterprise network using VPN. DATA AT REST SECURITY SECURE STORAGE Credentials, certificates and keys are securely stored in hardware-backed trusted storage on the device. CERTIFICATE HANDLING Certificate authorities are critical for providing secure communications over a network using the public key infrastructure. With Android 7.0 and above, all compatible devices, including MOTOTRBO Ion, will implement only the standardized system certificate authorities maintained in AOSP. All Ion devices will ship with the same certificate authority store. WORK PROFILE For company-owned devices, IT administrators can implement one of two deployment options to manage the corporate data on these devices: • Fully managed device in which the device is used exclusively for work purposes. IT admins can enforce the full range of management policies to the entire device • Fully managed work profile option, in which the device supports the work profile and a personal profile simultaneously In the second option, the work profile creates a separate, self-contained profile which holds corporate applications and data and isolates those from personal apps and data. Using MDM, device policies can be configured to prevent sharing of files and data from the work profile. DEVICE POLICIES Device can be configured using MDM to prevent or restrict data transfer to/from the device such as: • Preventing transfer of files using Bluetooth • Preventing transfer of files from the device via USB • Prevent access to external storage such as SD card • Preventing mounting of physical external media • Disallowing access to debugging capabilities • Setting device passcode policies • Disabling camera • Disabling screen capture • Allowing installation of apps from known sources such as the Google Play Store MOTOTRBO ION SAFEGUARDS CRITICAL DATA, AT REST AND IN TRANSIT. DATA SECURITY TO SAFEGUARD CRITICAL DATA