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15 | 800-475-3320 • WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM PAGE 2 FACT SHEET MOTOTRBO ION — SECURITY MOBILE DEVICE MANAGEMENT AND MANAGED GOOGLE PLAY Device security policies, including application management, are best implemented using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. IT administrators, who typically are responsible for the configuration and management of these devices, can use an MDM to define and set policies for application use, creating a customized and secure application management framework tailored to their specific needs. Key to this implementation is the Android Enterprise and the Managed Google Play framework, which provides APIs to MDM vendors to manage apps on Android devices. This applies to both public applications available from the Google Play Store and private applications built for corporate use. Through MDMs, IT admins can: • Remotely distribute approved apps through the Managed Google Play Store and block malicious apps or remove apps • Define and enable/disable app access for users depending on their profile • Setup real-time notifications on device usage to monitor for malicious activity or non-compliance of security policies APPLICATION SIGNING Android requires that all apps be digitally signed with a developer key prior to installation and uses the corresponding certificate to identify the application’s author. When the system installs an update to an application, it compares the certificate in the new version with the existing version and only allows the update if the certificate matches. MOTOTRBO ION ENABLES SECURE OPERATION BY HELPING TO PREVENT MALWARE, PHISHING AND OTHER MALICIOUS ACTIVITY. APPLICATION SECURITY TO PREVENT MALICIOUS ACTIVITY GOOGLE PLAY PROTECT Google Play Protect is a powerful threat detection service built into the Google Play Store, that actively scans 24x7 for harmful applications and protects the devices, their data and apps, from malware. Users are notified upon detection of apps containing malware. Google Play Protect may also remove or disable malicious apps automatically as part of its prevention initiative and use the information it gathers to improve the detection of Potentially Harmful Applications (PHAs). In addition, the user can also opt to have unknown apps sent to Google for analysis. SAFETYNET SafetyNet is a set of services and APIs that developers may use to protect apps against security threats and mitigate against device tampering, bad URLs, PHAs and fake users. INTRODUCING MOTOTRBO ION