Motorola Solutions Safe Schools

26 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM SAFETY REIMAGINED SOLUTIONS SEARCH USING PHYSICAL DESCRIPTIONS Quickly initiate a search for a person by specific physical descriptions such as clothing color, gender or age. SEARCH USING FACE ANALYTICS Incorporate the characteristics of a person’s face to search for the same person throughout hours of footage, even if external articles change. BUILD A STORY Use playback, bookmark and export tools to compile a robust video narrative of events and improve incident response times. APPEARANCE SEARCH FIND WHO YOU’RE LOOKING FOR FASTER MAP PERSONNEL MOVEMENT ON-SITE Quickly search for a person using his or her access control credentials and map their movement throughout a premises via his or her scanned door badge activity. VISUALLY RETRACE A PERSON’S MOVEMENT Correlate scanned door badge activity with linked video feeds to run an appearance search and find a person’s last known location in a premises. EASILY NAVIGATE VIDEO AND ACCESS CONTROL EVENTS Monitor and manage access control events and related video within the same dashboard for a streamlined workflow. IDENTITY SEARCH INTELLIGENTLY INTEGRATE ID BADGES WITH THE POWER OF VIDEO