Motorola Solutions Safe Manufacturing

32 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM SAFETY REIMAGINED SOLUTIONS MONITOR LIVE VIDEO INTELLIGENTLY Intelligently monitor live video to illuminate potentially critical video activities with color-coded hexagons to easily see where action is required. FOCUS YOUR ATTENTION ON WHAT’S IMPORTANT Leverage AI to find anomalies in video and accelerate the process of identifying the information you should review. GIVE BACK TIME TO YOUR SECURITY STAFF Give back time to security staff with analytics that extend personnel efficiency by bringing focus to detection, so they can focus on taking action. FOCUS OF ATTENTION HIGHLIGHT EVENTS THAT REQUIRE ACTION MAP PERSONNEL MOVEMENT ON-SITE Quickly search for a person using his or her access control credentials and map their movement throughout a premises via his or her scanned door badge activity. VISUALLY RETRACE A PERSON’S MOVEMENT Correlate scanned door badge activity with linked video feeds to run an appearance search and find a person’s last known locations in your facilities. EASILY NAVIGATE VIDEO AND ACCESS CONTROL EVENTS Monitor and manage access control events and related video within the same dashboard for a streamlined workflow. IDENTITY SEARCH INTELLIGENTLY INTEGRATE ID BADGES WITH THE POWER OF VIDEO