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32 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM SAFETY REIMAGINED SOLUTIONS TURN UNKNOWNS INTO INSIGHTS Leverage AI to learn typical day-to-day activities in a scene to automatically detect and flag unusual motion that may otherwise be missed. MONITOR UNUSUAL EVENTS EFFICIENTLY Select an anomaly type – location, direction, speed, absence or all – to filter through hours of videos in minutes and detect unusual motion. QUICKLY DEPLOY ADVANCED VIDEO ANALYTICS Easily identify unusual motion with analytics that continuously learn a scene’s “usual motion,” without the need to set up predefined rules. UNUSUAL MOTION DETECTION REVEAL ATYPICAL EVENTS THAT MAY NEED INVESTIGATING MONITOR LIVE VIDEO INTELLIGENTLY Intelligently monitor live video to illuminate potentially critical video activities with color-coded hexagons to easily see where action is required. FOCUS YOUR ATTENTION ON WHAT’S IMPORTANT Leverage AI to find anomalies in video and accelerate the process of identifying the information you should review. GIVE BACK TIME TO YOUR SECURITY STAFF Give back time to security staff with analytics that extend personnel efficiency by bringing focus to detection, so they can focus on taking action. FOCUS OF ATTENTION HIGHLIGHT EVENTS THAT REQUIRE ACTION