Motorola Solutions Safe Manufacturing

11 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM SAFE MANUFACTURING OVERVIEW AN INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY ECOSYSTEM Technology unified by a common platform built to empower you to address the unique challenges of your manufacturing facility. Instant voice communications to reliably connect teams across workflows and zones. Video analytics technologies to quickly identify and track points of interest across widespread areas. Advanced software and security to centralize command every day and during emergencies. Support services that are always there maintain systems for today and into the future. DETECT Video Security Cameras Watch List Creation & Alert Access Control Radio Alert IIoT Alarms Know what is happening with better insights to protect people, property & assets. ANALYZE Appearance Search Video Analytics: Loitering Detection Focus of Attention Identity Search Unusual Motion Detection Recognize which events are important, quickly find what you are looking for & make informed decisions to take action. COMMUNICATE Radio Communications Broadband Push-to-Talk Dispatch Software Mass Notification Private LTE Connect instantly across devices & networks to keep teams connected and informed. RESPOND Incident and Records Management Dynamic Interoperability Work Order Ticket Management Simultaneously mobilize and coordinate an immediate response internally and with response teams. BUSINESS-CRITICAL COMMUNICATIONS VIDEO SECURITY & ANALYTICS INCIDENT RESPONSE SOFTWARE SAFE MANUFACTURING MANAGED & SUPPORT SERVICES