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Motorola Solutions: Safer and Connected Schools

K-12 schools across the country are searching for solutions to preserve student and staff safety. To create the safest learning environment possible, intelligently connect your networks, devices and technologies using innovations from Motorola Solutions.

Instant, Reliable Communications for Safer, More Productive Schools

Learn how Motorola Solutions helped School District 214 develop a Team Communications solution to enable district-wide communications that keeps its personnel connected and its staff and students safe.

Digital Radios vs. Cell Phones: Which Better Prepare Schools?

See how digital radios outperform cell phones in emergencies and during extreme weather. Learn why digital radios can better prepare schools to protect students, faculty, and staff.

Callaway Electric Cooperative Sees Increased Safety and Efficiency with MOTOTRBO

Serving more than 13,000 members in rural Missouri, Callaway Electric Cooperative depends on its MOTOTRBO digital radio system to keep its workers safe in the field, while increasing their efficiency by eliminating paperwork and connecting for work assignments in real time.

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Connecting Staff Seamlessly at South Florida's Premier Resort

MOTOTRBO's expanded portfolio offers the ideal solution for the diverse needs of Acqualina Resort and Spa on the Beach. With the breadth and depth of its two-way radio solution, only MOTOTRBO puts the right device in the hands of the right user.

Smarter Factories, Safer Workers, Productivity Transformed.

Manufacturers are facing a growing need to create more profitability from production lines while dealing with aggressive global competition.

Radio vs. Cell Phone: Why Radios Beat Phones in the Manufacturing Industry

Meet Mike and Bob, two Manufacturing leaders facing a problem on the manufacturing floor. One is equipped with a two-way radio, purpose-built for this workplace and its needs; the other is equipped with a cell phone. Watch to see who wins.

What is the future of public safety?

Motorola Solutions' Chief Technology Officer Paul Steinberg discusses how collective intelligence will be derived in the future from everything and everyone being connected.

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