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TEAM VoWLAN Solution Benefits

Secure, real-time mobile access over WLAN to six key voice and data services through a single Windows Mobile® business smartphone

  • PBX-based telephony:
    Extends the functionality of a PBX desk phone to a mobile device, providing workers with toll-quality voice, the simplicity of one phone number reach and one voicemail box, and convenient desk phone features like abbreviated dialing, call forwarding, call transfer and call waiting.

  • Complete Push-to-Talk (PTT) services:
    Provides walkie-talkie style instant communications including private call (one-to-one), group call and the flexibility to define over 255 call groups (for example, for complete departments and specific teams).

  • Text messaging:
    Provides efficient communications within the WLAN to help ensure that workers receive an important message from colleagues.

  • Personal Information Management:
    Includes corporate email, calendar, address book, meeting scheduler and other applications to enhance productivity.

  • Internet and intranet access:
    Provides easy access to web-based applications and information

  • Line of business applications:
    Enables workers to access customer data records, place orders, check inventory and more

Multi-vendor PBX and WLAN interoperability
Easily integrates as a non-intrusive overlay to existing PBX (TDM and IP) and WLAN infrastructure, leveraging existing technology investments

Common communications services architecture
Standalone voice and data systems are replaced with a common architecture, common security and common management

Toll-quality voice
Combines innovative design and superior quality engineering to deliver a superior voice experience with performance that matches that of traditional wired landline service

Improved battery life
The WSM server handles the majority of the processing required to maintain connections, eliminating much of the burden from the mobile device

Superior scalability
Easily expands to accommodate additional devices and call capacity as needed – for up to 4,500 users per WSM server

Enterprise-class security, including voice packet encryption
Not only supports all of today's best-in-class wireless LAN standards, but also provides an additional layer of security for voice traffic by encrypting voice packets as they travel over the air

Unified management
Provides robust uniform management policies that are centrally and remotely controlled by IT, including: 2-factor authentication (device and user) and remote wipe

Standards-based, open solution
Facilitates integration with multi-vendor wireless LANs, applications and PBXs