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Looking for the best industry communication solutions for first responders. ERS Wireless has wireless voice, video, and data communication solutions to keep your staff connected and assets safe. Great communication isn’t vital just to success but also to the safety of your team and anyone involved in your business.

The wireless voice, video, and data solutions we offer are designed to work together—allowing your staff to have the right information at the right time. Technology from industry leaders such as Motorola Solutions, Avigilon, Avtec, Ally, and Spillman will give you peace of mind that the systems we design are dependable and built for public safety, education, and enterprise environments.

Fire and EMS Solutions
Solutions for Fire and EMS

In an emergency, there are many unpredictable variables in play. Don’t let your communication device be one of them. Take your technology to the next level with our Fire and EMS communications solutions.

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Law Enforcement Solutions
Solutions for Law Enforcement

We support Law Enforcement with a full range of product choices in a complete and integrated platform, making it easy to keep your law enforcement personnel safer and your operations more efficient.

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