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Keeping students safe during their daily commute is a top priority for schools. Wireless voice, data, and video solutions such as advanced digital two-way radio systems that provide instant push-to-talk and GPS tracking allow transportation directors a way to simplify processes and improve efficiency, while equipping drivers with a dependable communication tool, should they need assistance.

In addition to radio systems, most schools find the immediate benefit of installing cameras on their bus fleet. Camera systems inside of the bus as well as on the exterior are designed to keep track of what’s going on in and around the bus while in operation, which can provide valuable information, should an incident occur.

At ERS Wireless, we offer a suite of wireless technologies that can help improve bus routing, communication, and the safety of your drivers and passengers.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Advanced Digital Two-way Radios
  • School Bus Video
  • In-Bus Wi-Fi
  • Managed Service


Advanced Digital Two-way Radios are helping Transportation Directors simplify processes, monitor bus fleets, and provide drivers with a reliable, clear, communication tool.
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Kids can be rowdy on the bus! High-definition surveillance cameras take the guesswork out of disciplinary actions by keeping a reliable, permanent record of what occurred
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Your school can extend connectivity from the classroom to the road, with In-Bus Wi-Fi. This is a great solution for students that don’t have access to the internet at home, as well as student athletes traveling to away sporting events.
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School bus transportation departments have relied on dependable Motorola Solutions two-way radio systems for decades, and for nearly 70 years ERS has partnered with Motorola to provide these solutions to schools. School transportation, we know can be very hectic and noisy environment. From weather delays, traffic emergencies, route changes or vehicle location, staying in touch is critical. With new advance digital technology, radio systems of today can keep you connected and in the know of where they are. From instant push-to-talk from radio-to-radio or to a cell phone, to interfacing with your in-house routing software, we have the flexibility to meet your needs. With proprietary noise suppression technology, know that your Motorola Solutions digital radio network will provide you unequalled reliability, clarity and the coverage performance you need.

MOTOTRBO™ Score High Marks for Schoolwide Safety [PDF]
Motorola Solutions Education Vertical Brochure [PDF]
MOTOTRBO Education eBook [PDF]


For student and driver safety and accountability school bus video has become common place in bus fleets and keeping that system operational is critical. Both interior and exterior cameras are designed to keep track of what’s going on in and around the bus while it is in operation. From student and driver behavior to motorists disregarding stop arm signals stay informed to keep students safe. At ERS we provide not only top name products we also provide top tier support as well. If you install bus video like most you know how important having it functional is, we provide professional installation services and functionality testing as well as on-demand repair and annual Preventive maintenance checks and report the results back to you.

247 Security Mdvr ZEUS [PDF]

247 Security SACS Stop Arm [PDF]


Many students have long commutes to and from school every day- sometimes as much as an hour. Some schools are beginning to consider equipping their bus fleet wuth Wi-Fi connections so that the commute can be utilized by students to do homework. This is a great solution for students who do not have access to the internet at home as it allows them the extra time they might need to get caught up on assignments. It also provides student athletes with access to get homework done while travelling to away sporting events, or for students and teacher to access research information while on a field trip. In-Bus Wi-Fi gives students the ability to stary productive while on the go!


At ERS Wireless we understand how important technology has become and the more reliant we are on that technology the more critical the need for support. While some school systems have the staff, many do not or would rather not have them spend the time and resources to stay proficient in this ever-changing environment.

Maybe you don’t want to risk buying something that is obsolete before you even get it installed or your needs change as you expand, add buses, build new classrooms or whatever the reason. With ERS Managed Services we take all of the worries out of your decision making by offering you and end-to-end solution that is flexible to meet your changing needs while avoiding the risk of being stuck with a bad purchase decision.

With our Managed Service plan, there’s minimal upfront cost and you pay for your “Solution as a Service” over time, while having guaranteed uptime. Regardless if it’s a radio that needs repaired, a battery that needs replaced, or Wi-Fi Access Point that needs upgraded to the latest standard, we offer you a unique way to help your school stay connected.