Advanced Education

800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM 7 MOTOTRBO MOTOTRBO ® A COMPLETE END-TO-END SOLUTION When school employees use advanced applications and features such as text messaging and GPS tracking at home, they want to be able to use those same features in the workplace in order to keep students safe and staff productive. They want to communicate instantly over any device while at work with the type of applications and intelligence they’re accustomed to using outside of school. Today, forward-looking schools are taking notice. The backbone of integrated communications is the MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio platform. This complete, flexible and adaptable solution includes two-way digital radios, accessories, applications, systems and support services. MOTOTRBO integrates voice and data to help school staff coordinate and collaborate more productively and efficiently, no matter the size of your district. You get reliable, real-time communications at the touch of a button to respond instantly and help improve safety and security. Whether you want to communicate between buildings, across a multi-acre complex or with a school at a different location, MOTOTRBO connects everyone seamlessly. With a wide variety of solutions, designed for diverse roles and different departments, count on clear, discreet communication. With MOTOTRBO radios, educators are able to communicate instantly across school grounds and respond directly to day- today incidents. MOTOTRBO radios give schools the foundation in improving overall efficiency and safety. MOTOTRBO digital radio systems deliver an impressive array of capabilities – such as greater capacity and coverage, clear voice even in noisy environments, integrated data applications and long-lasting battery life. You will see the difference immediately. Sharing real-time information, whether a custodian is in a boiler room or a coach is in a crowded gym, you can be sure they will hear and be heard clearly.