5 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM MOTOTRBO digital radio systems deliver an impressive array of capabilities – such as greater capacity and coverage, clear voice even in noisy environments, integrated data applications and long-lasting battery life. You’ll see the difference immediately. Sharing real-time information, whether a custodian is in a boiler room or a coach is in a crowded gym, you can be sure they will hear and be heard clearly. Drive Safety Home with Operations-Critical Applications GPS location tracking on two-way radios helps schools monitor bus locations and manage logistics. Bus-fleet managers can determine the speed and location of vehicles, engine alerts, hard braking, fuel consumption and ignition status. They can re-route buses around local accidents and traffic jams, pinpoint where a bus is in real time, and see whether a driver is deviating from the route. Other apps enable schools to inspect buses, track upkeep and inform them if bus doors are left open and if drivers are on duty. Operations-critical apps beyond the fleet also enhance safety, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Security personnel can be automatically notified if a school door or gate is breached and remotely open or close it. Maintenance can turn lights on or off, control sprinklers and handle a multitude of other tasks with their two-way radios. Connect Personnel, Devices and Networks Leverage the resources you already have to communicate with employees on their own devices. WAVE extends your radio’s reach to those who may not carry radios. Now the principal at a convention or the administrator away from campus can talk on their smartphones with radio users at school. CAPITALIZE ON THE ADVANCED CAPABILITIES OF DIGITAL TODAY’S SCHOOLS AT A GLANCE DEVICES AND MEANS OF COMMUNICATION School personnel are overwhelmingly using multiple devices on the job, but the mix of devices and means of communication they’re actually using may surprise you. Internet and email are the primary form of communication. Two-way radios were the next most popular device, followed by cell phones and land line phones. In fact, the use of two-way radios in schools has tripled in the last 2 years. Two-way radios are currently being used by a wide range of school personnel. Principals, office staff, and maintenance personnel are the most likely to employ them in order to accomplish their day-to-day responsibilities. District administrators, teachers, security, transportation employees, athletics personnel, operations staff, and safety teams also use radios in their everyday jobs. While analog radios offer a high degree of reliability and have been used in schools for decades, today’s digital radios combine the reliability of analog with the best aspects of smartphones, so school employees have access to advanced safety features, a continuously expanding library of applications, and tools like text messaging, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS tracking, and Wi-Fi. UNLOCKING THE POWER OF TEAM COMMUNICATIONS Today’s schools use technology in almost every facet of education. But when it comes to communication, too often they must make do with aging or inefficient equipment. Our children and educators deserve better. By unlocking the power of Team Communications, school staff can quickly communicate with each other and first responders, using any device, with a catalog of robust apps to choose from. Education Solutions Overview