Advanced Manufacturing

800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM 5 UNIFIED TEAM COMMUNICATIONS KEEP PRODUCTION LINES MOVING In today’s competitive marketplace, an unexpected outage can easily lead to missed deadlines, frustrated customers, reduced orders, and debilitating long-term damage to your business. In the constant battle to minimize downtime and eliminate waste, a unified Team Communications platform can be an invaluable weapon. ERS Wireless is here to help. With solutions such as Motorola Solutions TEAM Communications Voice over IP solution, employees can communicate instantly, from anywhere on any device. All while leveraging intelligence from a wide range of applications. Help your business succeed, keep your employees safe from harm, and ensure production lines remain in constant motion by connecting your entire facility with voice and data. ALL DEVICES, ALL NETWORKS, ALL INTEGRATED ON ONE UNCONSTRAINED NETWORK Every second you lose slows down productivity and the flow of critical information in an emergency. By fully integrating your plant with Team Communications, you’ll break through communication barriers and provide one unified view across all networks. Instantly, you’re in control of every moment, on every device, with every type and source of intelligence. Now, you — and your team — will never miss a thing. GET AHEAD OF DECISIONS BEFORE THEY BECOME DILEMMAS Instant communications, without boundaries, with added intelligence. With Motorola Solutions Team Communications, this is now possible. Powered by MOTOTRBO™ digital radios and the WAVE Push-To-Talk (PTT) application on non-radio devices, Team Communications is at the heart of Unified Communications in manufacturing facilities and connects everyone from the production line to the loading dock, in the front office or off-site – with the power of push-to-talk. WAVE extends PTT to smartphones, laptops, tablets and PCs, so all manufacturing staff can instantly communicate, collaborate, and share critical information from applications and from offsite locations. Transform your workplace with Unified Team Communications. With expertly integrated systems, applications, accessories and services, you’ll be able to connect different teams, departments and machines like never before. VIDEO