Advanced Manufacturing

800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM 13 WAVE BROADBAND PUSH-TO-TALK THE WAVE PORTFOLIO Communication Options that Work the Way You Do. Select the communication tool that best fits your role and responsibility. WAVE TLK100 Two-Way Radio and Wireless Service Combining the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network with the ease of two-way radio communications, the WAVE two-way radio gets your team connected fast. Keep employees connected and accountable with crisp, clear audio, location tracking and Wi-Fi. Maximize efficiency with single-button operations and long battery life. And improve focus without a distracting screen to get in the way. • Nationwide Push-to-Talk - Increase productivity with a nationwide push-to-talk network that powers the quickest push-to-talk setup and call times. • Easy to Use and Manage - Communicate instantly and manage your business effortlessly by handling talkgroups and subscriptions in real time. • Built for the Job - Get the job done with a rugged two-way radio that is built for business with location tracking and Wi-Fi calling. WAVE PTT Mobile App Turn your phone into a PTT handset and get instant communication at the touch of a button. • Instant PTT Communication - Get the speed and simplicity of professional radio communication on your existing phone or tablet. • Multimedia Messaging - Increase the speed and clarity of information via text, photo, video or file attachment. • Location and Mapping - Track your team on a map, share your location, find an address or set a meeting place. VIDEO