Safe Transport & Logistics

MANAGING TODAY’S CHALLENGES IN TRANSPORTATION & LOGISTICS “HOW DO WE EFFECTIVELY MONITORDIVERSEAREASOF OPERATIONS?” “HOW DO WE USE DATA TO RECOGNIZE EVENTS & ACCURATELY EVALUATE THE SITUATION?” “HOW DO WE CONNECT OUR PEOPLE AND WORKGROUPS THAT NEED TO COLLABORATE?” “HOW DO WE QUICKLY RESPOND TO PROBLEMS BEFORE THEY ESCALATE?” DETECT ANALYZE COMMUNICATE RESPOND Fixed Video Security Access Control License PlateRecognition No Face Mask Detection Elevated Temperature Detection Video Analytics Unusual Activity Detection Appearance Search Identity Search Facial Recognition Two-Way Radios Radio Alert Broadband Push-to-X Dispatch Consoles Mass Notification Private LTE Incident and Records Management Dynamic Interoperability Situational Awareness Desktop Communicators Workflow Applications Operatewithin one technology ecosystemto increase safety, efficiency and reliability inT&L.