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Distributed Antenna Systems

Increasing In-Building Coverage with Distributed Antenna Systems

With all the mobile devices available today, it's pertinent that businesses provide employees and customers with the wireless coverage they expect throughout the facility. With a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) designed by ERS Wireless, it's easy to deliver solid wireless coverage throughout a facility for cellular, Public Safety, WLAN and wireless internet applications. All DAS systems are unique to the building design, type of technology being used, number of service providers, RF frequency and capacity needs.

An In-Building DAS system is a network of antennas that are strategically placed throughout a building and connected with cabling or fiber to a central location. This central location allows various service providers to connect radios that transmit on designated frequencies. This allows multiple service providers to use the network at the same time, while providing a consistent signal throughout the facility.

DAS systems are ideal for office buildings, convention centers, healthcare facilities, k-12 and higher education campuses, manufacturing and dense urban centers.

ERS Wireless can provide you with a complete solution including:

  • System Design & Project Management
  • Coordination with Federal, State and Local agencies
  • RF Planning & Drive Tests with service providers
  • Installation & System Testing
  • System Maintenance & Monitoring

ERS Wireless also offers Tower Construction, Tower Lease, and Antenna Site Management (Rooftop) services. To find out more about these services visit and or email