Motorola Solutions Full Line Catalog

69 | 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM SLN 1000 PORTABLE TWO-WAY RADIO BOOST YOUR NETWORK The SLN 1000 portable two-way radio is the first purpose-built OnGo radio. It delivers highly reliable broadband push-to-talk*, ensuring your voice conversations sound clear and natural. And its purpose-built design enables you to easily drive productivity, efficiency and safety. When paired with a MOTOTRBO Nitro service plan, enjoy simple management through the Nitro Cloud Portal and interoperation with existing MOTOTRBO networks. *A SIM card is required for device operation. OVERVIEW LEADING WITH VOICE Instant voice communications will always be business-critical. Whether your teams are on the front lines with the customer, on busy factory floors or in densely packed warehouses, a single break in voice communication can mean the difference between a broken workflow or worse — a serious accident. FULL MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL Get full control over your fleet via the Nitro portal — a cloudbased tool that lets you make changes from anywhere. Set up new talkgroups, add users and push device updates in just minutes. MOTOTRBO® NITRO™ NITRO