Motorola Solutions Full Line Catalog

53 | 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM APX RADIOS & ACCESSORIES BROCHURE APX P25 COMMUNICATIONS P25 CONNECTIVITY. EXCEPTIONAL PRICE. From city festivals to natural disasters, seamless communication is critical to coordinating effective and safe responses. The APX 900 and APX 1000 series radios are simple to use and are certified for reliable P25 communication on P25 compliant radio networks. The APX 1000 comes with a simplified feature set that’s easily accessible through the one-knob user interface; it’s a radio that your teams will quickly master. The APX 900 provides additional ruggedness and complies with P25 encryption algorithms, so you can collaborate confidently and securely between agencies. The APX 1500 mobile radio provides rugged simplicity with built-in loud and clear speaker, full color display and single knob controls. This self-contained dash-mount configuration is easy to install in most vehicles. APX 1000 SIMPLE. EASY. MISSION-CRITICAL. Single-knob, single-band portable radio. APX 900 AND APX 1000 SERIES SINGLE-BAND P25 PORTABLE AND MOBILE RADIOS APX 900 ESSENTIAL COMMUNICATION. EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE. Dual-knob, single-band portable radio. APX 1500 SIMPLE. EASY-INSTALL. MISSION-CRITICAL. Single-band mobile radio.