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47 | 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM APX NEXT APPLICATIONS SMARTCONNECT When you move beyond the limits of your radio system’s coverage, you shouldn’t have to leave your lifeline behind. SmartConnect maintains your voice communications, by automatically switching between P25 LMR and broadband LTE. Authentication, status, talkgroups and encryption are all preserved, without interruptions or resets. Whether a pursuit takes you out of coverage, or you’re assisting another agency, SmartConnect ensures your lifeline is always in reach. SMARTLOCATE When an officer calls for help, your first question is always “Where are you?” SmartLocate, exclusively for APX NEXT, enhances officer safety by keeping dispatchers better informed. Our cuttingedge routing service sends your location data over public safety LTE for increased accuracy and efficiency. It’s carefully integrated into CommandCentral Aware, so you always have a complete picture of the location and status of every unit. Respond quickly to fast-moving situations, extend tracking to more personnel, and react flexibly to changing conditions with SmartLocate. SMARTPROGRAMMING SmartProgramming allows initial programming, software and security updates to be sent over LTE. Updates can be accepted anytime, anywhere utilizing the higher speed bandwidth and extended coverage of the LTE network. SmartProgramming coupled with RadioCentral allows radios to be prepared before they arrive, and kept up-to-date remotely with zero touch and zero downtime. ViQi When you’re in the field, you need information, fast. That’s why we created ViQi – your virtual assistant. It’s her job to quickly provide the information you need to stay safe and effective. Purposebuilt for public safety workflows, ViQi is designed for accuracy and safety. Natural language voice commands and a dedicated voice control button help maintain eyes-up awareness and enable you to operate your radio with your voice. And natural language database queries enable quick access to information – so you can stay focused on critical situations without distractions. PUBLIC SAFETY APPLICATIONS PLATFORM APX NEXT applications are built within Motorola Solutions’ unique end-to-end public safety ecosystem. This enables apps to augment data from across the public safety landscape—radio, broadband, video, public and private data sources—and deliver it directly to you. From call-taking and dispatch, to investigation and analytics, to evidence and records, our app platform is reshaping the public safety workflow and improving situational awareness by sharing and analyzing real-time video, streamlining workflows through artificial intelligence, and guiding better decisions through machine learning. PAGE 5 RADIO BUYING GUIDE APX NEXT