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45 | 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM APX NEXT In public safety, your radio has always been your lifeline. In your moment of distress, the first thing you reach for is something to defend yourself and something to call for help. Radio’s always been that thing.” Adam Brickeen, Communications Chief and IT Security Chief – Real Time Crime Center, New Orleans “ Lives depend on your ability to get the job done. Every second counts and there’s no room for error. From the most extreme moments to the day-to-day, you depend on reliable, secure, unbroken mission critical communications to stay connected and keep communities safe – it is your lifeline. Navigating the increasingly complex missioncritical communications landscape can be challenging. You want to make sure you make the best decisions for the people on the front line. But what are the top features and specifications you need to consider when selecting the right mission critical device for your team? YOU ARE ALWAYS READY FOR THE NEXT CALL. SO IS YOUR TRUSTED MISSION-CRITICAL RADIO. Purpose-built for the mission: Purpose-built, mission-critical devices are the cornerstone of public safety communications. Reliable communications, that are intuitive, ultra-rugged and easy to use under duress, are nonnegotiable for first responders. Clear, crisp audio: When lives are on the line, communicating clearly can be the difference between life and death. Mission-critical devices must be specifically designed to ensure you hear and are heard with unparalleled clarity. Private, secure communications: Maintaining secure communications is becoming increasingly important. To ensure calls stay private, secure and confidential, mission-critical devices should support multiple types of standard and custom encryption. Intelligence in action: In today’s increasingly complex world, sophisticated, public-safety grade capabilities can make a critical difference in the field. Mission-critical devices should work within a larger public safety ecosystem in order to deliver intelligent features that provide assistance on the front lines. PAGE 2 RADIO BUYING GUIDE APX NEXT