Motorola Solutions Full Line Catalog

21 | 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM INTRODUCING MOTOTRBO ION THE ONLY INTRINSICALLY SAFE TOUCHSCREEN RADIO. CUSTOMIZABLE EXPERIENCE MOTOTRBO Ion can be adapted with accessories that are purpose-built to make your fleet easier to use and even more capable, especially in loud environments. RSM and other accessories let you quickly reach and use your radio, without the extra steps needed to unlock smart devices. And you have the flexibility to choose from our trusted line of next-generation accessories or third party manufacturers. LONG BATTERY LIFE Ion’s standard batteries last an entire shift so you can keep your devices in the field for longer. They are also interchangeable, so you can switch out batteries between shifts and get your devices back in the field without waiting for a recharge. Extended-life batteries are also available to help you get even more out of your MOTOTRBO Ion fleet. INTRINSICALLY SAFE As an intrinsically safe device, you can use MOTOTRBO Ion in any environment without the risk of ignition or fire. It’s the only touchscreen radio that is intrinsically safe.