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15 | 800-475-3320 | WWW.ERSWIRELESS.COM INTRODUCING MOTOTRBO ION CHALLENGES OF DEVICE PROLIFERATION Data continues to proliferate throughout the business world. In fact, data has become a “fourth utility” — considered to be as vital as power, water and heating/cooling1. It’s no longer a nice-to-have, but a “must have” business-critical asset. As the use of data continues to rise, so too does the number of devices used throughout your facility. In addition to a diverse range of devices – including smartphones, radios, scanners and tablets — organizations are also increasingly incorporating smart devices and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors into their day-to-day operations. This growing device diversity is a challenge for organizations looking to streamline communications throughout their facilities. In addition, the increase in devices impacts employees’ ability to communicate with each other – a critical function throughout all commercial industries. 1 Workers ranked the ability to COMMUNICATE WITH COLLEAGUES ON ANY DEVICE AND TO REACH WORKERS AT ANY LOCATION among the top three most important factors in a communication system. MORE THAN 90% OF WORKERS say they currently use more than one device to communicate while on the job. ACCORDING TO THE MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS' COMMERCIAL MARKET COMMUNICATIONS SURVEY, DEVICE PROLIFERATION IS A GROWING PAIN POINT ACROSS COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIES.