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Though two-way radios are tough, they can develop problems on occasion. Here’s what to know when a radio fails. Learn about ERS Wireless’s two-way radio repair.

Your team uses two-way radios constantly, so you should make them aware of a few things to look for in a broken two-way radio to determine the root of an issue. This is especially important for labor-intensive workers who use their radios amid numerous worksite hazards. In order to equip your team and diagnose a two-way radio problem easily, read this guide.

A Deteriorating Battery

Over time, like most other pieces of technology, two-way radios’ batteries deteriorate. As a result, they experience more frequent voltage drops when battery life drains too low. This causes transmission issues, threatening the overall function of your radio. Sometimes you can tell your battery is about to fail if it has repeated beeping.

Antenna Damage

The antenna on a radio is responsible for transmitting and receiving signals. Through normal wear and tear, an antenna can become kinked or broken. Another way antenna can become damaged is if users pick the radio up by the antenna. This can cause damage at the connection point to the radio. If you are having transmission issues, one of the first things to check is the antenna. An easy way to test the antenna yourself is to unscrew it and replace it with another one. If the transmissions are clearer, you know the antenna needs replacing.

Screen or Housing Damage

Your radio may also sustain surface-level damage to the LCD screen or housing. A sudden onscreen distortion—possibly accompanied by cracks—needs fixing, particularly if it doesn’t go away after restarting your radio.

Because of drops and other accidental incidents, a radio’s housing can take a beating. A carry case can provide a barrier between the radio and the environment, saving it in the event of a drop.

Accessory Failures

Perhaps the easiest thing to look for in a broken two-way radio is a dysfunctional accessory. While you may suspect a more serious internal radio problem if you can’t send or receive messages, a bad headset or corded mic is often the weak point. In this case, simply replacing these accessories addresses the issue.

ERS Wireless Maintenance

Should you need a two-way radio repair, you can count on our knowledgeable technical staff to get your communication equipment working to manufacturer standards. Our technicians can repair equipment at one of our service facilities or at your location. As a Motorola Premier Service Partner and Certified Service Center, we provide you with peace of mind that our manufacturer-trained technicians will repair your two-way radio equipment properly.

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