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In addition to push-to-talk, two-way radios offer many apps including Alarm and Telemetry. Here are four must-have apps your team will use often.

Real-Time, On-Premise (RTLS) Indoor & Outdoor Positioning

Radios can also serve as GPS devices, helping you simplify your work no matter how your campus or workspace takes shape. With the RTLS Indoor and Outdoor Positioning System, you can track in-the-moment worker locations by using Bluetooth signals when they’re indoors and GPS signals when they’re outside your building. This affords you precise tracking so that you can observe and direct workers and promote your efficiency.

Lone Worker & Man Down

Lone Worker and Man Down features are two must-have apps for digital two-way radios that promote worker safety. Each involves an alert system for situations where workers could be in danger. The Lone Worker app necessitates worker responses after certain periods of time when they work alone. This provides a way for the company to check in on the safety of its staff and respond quickly to an emergency they otherwise wouldn’t detect. There is also a panic button that lone staff can press when they are near their radio and sustain an injury or have another type of emergency.

WAVE Work Group Communications

Other apps, such as Motorola WAVE Work Group Communications, provide Motorola commercial radio users with the ability to include other types of devices in their PTT network, such as smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. This application enables mobile or desktop device PTT communication with each other and two-way radios. These systems make it easy for the appropriate staff to sensibly tap into, and contribute to, company radio transmissions from many types of devices.

Alarm Control System

Automatic, intelligent dispatching of alarms and tasks is possible with a software application on your MOTOTRBO Digital Radio System. With this app, your radio system integrates into building management, HVAC systems, job ticketing software, production machinery sensors, and alarms around the clock. In turn, you reduce downtime, improve workplace efficiency, and enhance staff safety.

Let ERS Wireless help your business implement a MOTOTRBO Digital Radio System with the apps that help you improve operational efficiency and employee safety.

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