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The Benefits of Two-Way Radios for Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are full of people at risk of serious health complications. It’s important for staff members to take every precaution to prepare for health issues, along with a host of other possibilities. That said, nursing home staff need proper support as they perform their taxing role. They care for many residents each day, some of which don’t always cooperate, and staff sometimes do so during irregular late shifts. Assisted living facilities must find ways to maintain the utmost quality of care while setting their staff up for sustainable success. One such element facilities could implement is a two-way radio network. To learn more about the benefits of two-way radios for nursing homes, read our list of considerations.

Quicker, Centralized Communication

First and foremost, two-way radios help staff communicate quickly. When staff carry a two-way radio, they have a ready line to anyone else in the building they might need. Rather than relying on a phone call, which someone may or may not pick up, by using two-way radios, the call more often gets through to the intended recipient. This is because people typically treat radio messages as more urgent than a phone call. Also, radio offers One-to-One and One-to-Many communications, which means staff members don’t need to send several redundant messages to reach everyone relevant to a situation. Essentially, a radio network allows for a central hub of communication that brings everyone together.

Addressing Health Emergencies is Easier

Seniors living in your facility will likely experience a serious health issue at some point while living in your facility—whether it be a result of poor health or a fall. Two-way radios offer you a means to communicate a health emergency quickly, clearly, and immediately after it develops so you can get the help you need as soon as possible.

Communicating with two-way radios also allows staff extra support when residents need an ambulance or someone to perform CPR and other measures. Radios increase efficiency and help get them out the door and into the care of medical professionals quickly. This is crucial for emergencies.

Patients Feel More Secure

Another benefit of using two-way radios in nursing homes is that proactive and communicative staff set residents’ minds at ease. People moving into assisted living are full of uncertainty about their lives, and depending on others to care for them isn’t easy. They want to know that, should something happen to them, the staff will go above and beyond to serve them and get them the medical attention they need.

They Put Staff at Ease

Just as two-way radios put residents at ease, they help staff feel more comfortable, too. Staff in assisted living facilities tend to check in on residents by themselves and knowing they can contact someone instantly with their two-way radio can help them feel safer. Carrying a two-way radio provides a ready tool for workers to access help should they or a resident require it. Two-way radios allow staff to check in with one another to prevent isolation and have helpful features for people who work nighttime hours.

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